Lumberjack contests
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Lumberjack contests

The info let me reveal provided as some tips, to help potential competition organizers to make an educated choice as to whether a Lumberjack competition is a viable choice for their event.


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Event Selection and Wood Requirements
Running the Contest
Prices and obligations

Part One – Venues

Firstly, I want to just take this chance to welcome that the interesting world of lumberjack recreations. Using the arrival of Stihl’s TimberSports® Series, and also the ESPN Great exterior Games, lumberjack sports receives much more national news visibility then it has actually at some other amount of time in its record, so that as you’d expect its appeal keeps growing consequently.

The Venue
Lumberjack contests can be flexible as far the venues in which they may be carried out. Through the years, We have seen them host and delight spectators at numerous numerous places. Here is merely a partial variety of those areas, however it should be adequate to supply some insight regarding a Lumberjack competition’s versatility and universal audience attraction.

Lumberjack tournaments are often planned for weekends or even the times straight away preceding or following weekend. One of many facets you should consider when planning the day for your competition, is whether or not you’re going to be working against a currently founded competition, since you may have difficulties drawing contestants this kind of a situation. Sign in advance with your local Association in order to avoid that chance.

Within part we’ll cope with the minimal area a competition would need, as offhand, I can’t bear in mind ever before contending in a place that was too big.
If you were contemplating having a little to mid-sized competition with say 20 to 30 participants
and eight occasions; a place 50′ by 75′ could possibly be sufficient, based on just what the
events were.
To learn more about the total amount of area needed, as well as its commitment into occasions, we advise you contact your regional Lumberjack Association straight.

If you should be contemplating keeping the competition at night, you should make sure your competition location features sufficient illumination. The lighting effects should-be directed inwards from at the very least several various sides in order to not trigger shadows.

Acquiring the Contest Area
If you are planning to contain the competition at a location much like the track facing a reasonable’s grandstand, securing your competitors location should not be any problem. While the competitors area would already be fenced off in the front side and straight back sides, all that you may possibly want to do is rope from the two ends. However, if you are thinking about holding the competition in an open industry or some comparable place you should positively give consideration to securing the perimeter with a fence or line.

Competitors Accessibility
Due to the nature of lumberjack competitions, rivals need bring a substantial few resources into the competition arena. Consideration should really be given when it comes to giving them car access to the arena for the intended purpose of unloading, and loading their particular gear.

The term TimberSports is a subscribed trademark of Stihl Inc. section Two – Event Selection and Wood

A Brief History
The majority of the occasions becoming done in the present tournaments developed from the real jobs needed of lumberjacks before the look of the chain saw. As a result of factors such as availability, surface, tree size, and local need, the skills and jobs required for the wood jack would differ a little from area to region. Appropriately, the events becoming done in the current competitions tend to be a reflection of that variation.
If you should be an initial time contest organizer, you ought to most likely consider starting little and adding even more events in succeeding many years while you gain knowledge. Through this formula you might work your path to hosting one of many major shows in your area.

Event Selection
Following are some of the a lot more popular events carried out in the current lumberjack contest. Those regarding the remaining are done in most the geographical areas, whilst the ones in the right tend to be carried out generally in most of the areas, yet not all. By seeing your regional Lumberjack Association regarding each event’s area and time demands, you should be in a position to plan a contest that’s exclusively tailored to your particular venue and time requirements.

In a lot of regions, the women’s activities are getting in both spectator and competition popularity. The crowds of people are often astonished because of the level of ability, energy, and determination shown by the Lumberjills. In case your time constraints allow, you really need to certainly start thinking about having individual activities and prizes when it comes to women rivals.

Chopping and Sawing Wood
Just as the events performed vary from one area to a higher, therefore also does the lumber found in each region. These table listings, by geographical area, a few of the more common species useful for tournaments. Consult your regional relationship regarding volume requirements and supply.

Area Sawing Wood Chopping Wood
North Atlantic Says
South Eastern States
South Says
Midwestern States
Pacific & N. West States
White-pine, Poplar/Aspen
Yellow-Poplar, W. Pine
Sweet Gum, Yellow-Poplar
Poplar/Aspen, White-pine
Cottonwood, Aspen, Larch
White-pine, Poplar/Aspen
Yellow-Poplar, W. Pine
Sweet Gum, Yellow-Poplar
Poplar/Aspen, White-pine
Cottonwood, Aspen, Larch

Again, at threat of sounding repetitive, we highly encourage that check with your local relationship before making any efforts to search for the competition timber. It could be a shame for several concerned if after purchasing or getting the timber donated it turned into unsuitable for competition reasons.
Section Three – Working the Competition

Placing It Together
Well we selected the events we are having; we got the chopping and sawing lumber when it comes to competition; you state, “what’s next?”. Really, at the time regarding the competitors we will need some individuals to put everything collectively. Listed below are some of these individuals, and an outline of what their jobs is. Typically, utilizing the possible exception regarding the Emcee and Head Judge, most competitions depend greatly on a circle of volunteers to complete these jobs.

Emcee (announcer)
More often than not you want some one knowledgeable about the sport to-do your announcing. A great announcer could keep the competition rolling at an easy, interesting rate, and offer color commentary in regards to the rivals and occasions. This becomes very important for anyone occasional lulls when you’re switching lumber, or establishing for the following occasion.

Head Judge
The pinnacle Judge is appointed because of the competition organizers. Customarily they’d be anyone who has an operating knowledge of the principles and has now had experience competing in Lumberjack Sports. Your head Judge’s task is always to enforce the rules, and then he has the last proclaim in every matters pertaining to the administration and interpretation of these guidelines. The following are a few of the Head Judge’s tasks.
Make certain that the timers are familiar with, and know when to begin and stop their particular stopwatches.
Ensure that the chopping blocks and sawing opportunities are fairly attracted and precisely assigned.
Make sure that the competition arena is run-in a secure and efficient fashion.
Disqualify or appropriately penalize any rival bad of rule a breach.
Disqualify or appropriately penalize any competition showing poor sportsmanship.

Time is generally done by volunteers. As well as timing the occasions, the timers work as an expansion of the Head Judge’s eyes, very carefully watching that each and every for the rivals competing at their particular station abides by the principles. There must be at the least two timers at each section.
You most likely should have at the least two alternative timers (perhaps more depending on the size of your competition) to behave as substitutes, therefore the regular timers can get an intermittent break for refreshments and cope with the needs of life.