Lumberjack saw types Canada BC
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Lumberjack saw types Canada BC

Don Morrison: Lumberjack Luke, Crazy Luke, Striking Brutus

The early section of Don Morrison had been focused in Canada, befitting a guy who had been later on to-be dubbed a lumberjack down in Alabama.

Born in Kelowna, BC, Morrison watched wrestling as a young child. After a three-year stint when you look at the Canadian Armed Forces, he worked in a Vancouver-area slaughterhouse and came across Red McNulty and Dale Hayes. They shared their particular love for wrestling while they worked round the location as bouncers for hire. McNulty was already employed by promoters Cliff Parker and Rod Fenton.

In 1970, Morrison’s life changed because the slaughterhouse delivered him packing. He previously seen McNulty keep for Calgary and later Montreal to wrestle, and Hayes was getting started too in Montreal as friend Roberts.

Morrison started training under Earl Black. In 1971, he headed out to Montreal to work well with the Vachons Grand Prix advertising. After Montreal, he headed off to the Maritimes to function for Emile Dupre’s promotion.

Stampede Wrestling beckoned in 1972, in which he was billed as stunning Brutus, clothed lavishly and parading across the band.

Later 1972 saw their visa come through so he can perhaps work in the United States for the first time. Morrison headed down to Oklahoma.

What implemented after that was a vacation to mobile phone, Alabama where in actuality the promoters Lee and Don areas thought that he’d make a fantastic lumberjack. He debuted at Dothan, Alabama television coming out of the crowd. Lumberjack Luke ended up being a large hit instantly, and went on to even higher levels as a headliner in Seattle.

As with various other ‘lumberjacks’, like Jos Leduc, a vacation into wild side wasn’t a difficult alternative. Lumberjack Luke changed into Crazy Luke in the same territory.

In 1976, he won the Stampede Wrestling label group games with Prince Tapu, beating Ripper Collins & Don Gagne (Frenchy Martin) and losing to Ripper Collins & Bobby Bass.

By 1980, injuries had caught up to him in which he stopped wrestling, moving into Washington State and running a dried out cleaning business.