Canadian Lumberjack song
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Canadian Lumberjack song

Sorry, but my brain went truth be told there — to a Monty Python design featuring “The Lumberjack Song” — during a current visit to Epcot, in which a fresh phase tv show known as Canadian Lumberjacks happens to be introduced.

The 15-minute production, that could be seen several times every day, pits bearded, flannel-flaunting groups of two in forestry games of ability.

It’s the red-plaid dudes versus the males of blue plaid. A number in natural black-and-white guides the action, you start with ax throwing. The trained members — maybe not theme-park visitors, normally — whirl at a target a few legs away, a kind of huge game of darts, but sharper.

The groups after that make use of handbook double-sided saws to break up and down through a long sign, turn up noisy power saws, then return to axes for a chopping contest that had me worried about their feet. Never did I feel like stray splinters had been likely to create my eyes.

Epcot’s lumberjacks have the unenviable task to be the work to follow dismissed music group Off Kilter, which had a loyal and singing group of fans. The watching area had been sensibly complete whenever I viewed this new tv show. Some people drifted down, but which was real for Off Kilter shows also.

The brand new performers appear personable but uncomfortable inside tight quarters of the Mill Stage. The show features a Canadian feel and comedic bits, but those are presented in low-key fashion. I’d like to note that played more generally. But perhaps pays not to have a goofy-acting lumberjack hurling razor-sharp items.