Lumberjack terminology
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Lumberjack terminology

To advance help out with your enjoyment of USHL games hosted at L.C. Walker Arena we have provided here ” Lumberjack Terminology” guide for your edification. Kindly review these terms, grab as numerous friends as possible and join us directly to make use of your enhanced language abilities and feel the Buzz of Lumberjacks Hockey!

A chainsaw massacre: A lopsided Lumberjack win.

A challenging knot to break: A stingy Lumberjack protection.

An axe to work: Any real altercation between several opposing players that results in a punishment (or charges) being considered.

“Better shut your five hole!” What a Lumberjack might tell an opposing goalie after he’s been scored on.

Bringing the lumber: intense, actual play.

Buzz saw: A breakout or an attacking play used by the Lumberjacks to go the puck out of their very own area or more the ice toward the opponent’s goal.

Clear-cut: An easy necessitate the Referee to make.

Falling the flapjack*: Losing the puck to start play.
*(its alleged that within the 1800’s; Muskegon Lumberjacks would glue levels of flapjacks and syrup and leave them outside to freeze. This is the way the first pucks were made).

Euchre Run: a couple of Jacks on a breakaway.

Flipping the flapjack: A pass where in fact the puck is raised such that it explains an opponent or his stick.

Flume ride: slamming an opposing player off his skates.

Jack in the Box: A Lumberjack player sitting out a penalty.

Knit Trick: a hat trick. Lumberjacks usually wore caps knitted from wool.

Knotty Pine: An opposing player who’s been whistled for a punishment.

Log jam: a tied rating.

Log-rolling: Catching another staff off-balance. This happens often.

Signing Truck: Slang when it comes to opposing team’s bus after they’ve been cut-down to dimensions.

Long-handled axes*: What we call hockey sticks.
*(Local legend suggests that when you look at the 1800’s, Muskegon Lumberjacks played hockey from the lake using long-handled axes for sticks).

Sap: An opposing goalie that’s already been faked away from his skates.

Sawdust: The ice shavings remaining by hostile Lumberjack skating.

Sharpening the saw: A lumberjack rehearse.

Cut and burn off: If you slash a Lumberjack player; you’ll get burned.

Stumped: a salvage made by a Lumberjack goalie.

The Chop-house: L.C. Walker Arena.

Timberline: Any five Lumberjacks from the ice and assaulting!

Tree topper: an objective that’s high in to the web.