Lumberjacks Hove
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Lumberjacks Hove

My final post about consuming junk food caused some conversation on Twitter about finding more healthy takeaway choices to allow you to ultimately feel just a little less responsible about offering directly into junk food.

This after that got myself thinking about just what my option options will be – to believe beyond pizza, curry or fish and chips which although tend to be delicious, could be laden with fat and calories (although you can certainly still have numerous of those meals if you choose prudently).

There actually are several healthy takeaway choices (that offer distribution) in Brighton to pick from, many of which are now actually bookmarked to my phone!


A Lumberjacks branded car parked a few streets from my house caught my eye recently as it brands it self as a ‘guilt no-cost takeaway’. They provide lean chicken dishes, chicken hamburgers and some veggie wraps, with ‘naked’ options (ie no sauces) or reduced fat sauces. The sides sound great also: with dishes including thin coleslaw, salad and sweet-potato potato chips to pick from.

Los Angeles Choza

We definitely love Mexican food – it’s most likely my first option for dinner away. It can possibly be my demise line food also, I can’t get enough of the material!

Mexican street meals restaurant La Choza does not deliver direct but will via Deliveroo, an area service enabling you to definitely purchase takeaways from restaurants that willn’t usually typically provide delivery. You can’t book a table at Los Angeles Choza either, so if you really have a hankering for Mexican food one evening and can’t cope with the entranceway, give Deliveroo a buzz.

Mexican is harmful in the event that you begin with nachos and choose dishes slathered in sauces and melted cheese, yes. But at Los Angeles Choza you may get a (gluten-free) burrito bowl which will be essentially all of the aspects of a burrito minus the place. It’s all about making just the right choices.

Depending from the filling you select, a principal can set you back any such thing between £6.75 and £9.


In Brighton you’re “lucky” adequate to receive takeaway and restaurant menus by the few through letterbox day-after-day. We ordinarily simply take a fast glance at them and place them right within the recycling, but Murasaki’s truly caught my attention.

It was recommended by a friend, namely for the Bento cardboard boxes that are set meals. The Sushi Bento package, for example, includes five items of nigiri sushi (salmon, tuna, prawn, mackerel and squid), three items of veggie hosomaki, two bits of futomaki, fishcakes, edamame and pickle, miso soup and a glass or two for £12.95. Tasty, fresh and thus good for you!

Pictured above is the Mixed Bento box.


Ok so pizza definitely isn’t more healthier choice that springs to mind whenever we’re chatting fast food. But i really couldn’t compose a post about Brighton’s most readily useful takeaways without discussing Pizzaface. You might give a pal though, right?

Pizzaface do amazing gluten-free basics and also have a couple of vegan options which come with dairy-free cheese and phony ‘meats’ such as for example vegan chorizo, bacon, pepperoni and smoked sausage.

Get a wholegrain spelt base (no additional charge) to fairly share and a side salad, greedy guts.

Pizzas start at £6 and you will get a yard salad for a mere £3.


Moshimo food is fresh, tasty and healthier and it’s another restaurant that’s opted with distribution service Deliveroo that will charge only £2.50 to obtain meals to you personally.

This Japanese restaurant acts takeaway meals like combined sushi, miso soup, rice and noodles.


I’m sure here is the 3rd Japanese restaurant to my number, but I adore Pompoko, it’s so cheap and so delicious!

Select fresh Japanese curries, rice and noodle meals or salads and invest under a fiver when it comes to privilege. A miso soup starter prices a small £1.20 and a salad will definitely cost only over £4. They provide a collection solution or you can make use of Dinner2go to get it delivered to your door.