Another word for Lumberjack
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Another word for Lumberjack

(especially in North America) a person who fells trees, cuts them into logs, or transports all of them to a sawmill.

  • ‘With no brand new forested frontiers offered, lumbermen looked to the nationwide woodlands for logs.’
  • ‘It ended up being an all-natural transfer of skills from your home, as ended up being their particular act as lumberjacks into the woodlands of north Wisconsin and Minnesota.’
  • ‘The lumberman chose to to give up the lumber camp straight away and strike the path as quickly as he could.’
  • ‘We have two expert lumberjacks contending in many associated with the activities for the Old-Time Lumberjacks.’
  • ‘Both dudes originate from groups of real lumberjacks as well as often compete in lumberjack competitions.’
  • ‘I have about the maximum amount of finesse in terms of relationship as a lumberjack has actually when cutting down a tree.’
  • ‘By viewing how and exactly why reforestation failed, we can better comprehend the motivations operating the foresters and lumbermen, and start to know their particular conceptions associated with the forest as a whole.’
  • ‘After the vast forests of New The united kingdomt, Pennsylvania, and Ohio was indeed logged, lumbermen put their sights on Minnesota, residence of a number of the final huge stands of unexploited forest east for the Rockies.’
  • ‘After the violent clearing of people from Scottish Highlands to make space for sheep, numerous Highlanders were obligated to move to Canada to get results as lumberjacks or had been recruited in to the Uk military to battle within the brand new colonies.’
  • ‘For numerous years, my forefathers are lumbermen, loggers and mill workers.’
  • ‘The first paintball markers were used by wood cruisers and lumbermen to mark the woods chosen for harvesting or cutting.’
  • ‘There had been a lumberjack who had been sawing a tree, and also the tree fell on his leg.’
  • ‘There had been some lumberjacks to reduce trees and export all of them to The united kingdomt.’
  • ‘Were he maybe not clean-shaven with slicked straight back dark brown locks, together with he been using spiked climbing shoes, the large guy would appear to be a lumberjack fresh from the forest.’
  • ‘In less than two decades, he predicted, the obviously ‘inexhaustible’ pine woodlands of lower Michigan would disappear completely under the lumberman’s axe, no weep for preservation was prone to have any result.’
  • ‘Farmers and lumbermen settled this area in 1870s and ’80s, and today the city still feels some sort of away from sprawling suburbia.’
  • ‘This will completely anger the lumberjack, in which he will need it out on the tree together with his chainsaw.’
  • ‘The chunks of timber, regular curves, and low-water levels wreaked havoc on canoeists; French-Canadian lumberjacks also cursed the river, as their fresh-cut logs often became stranded while floating downstream.’
  • ‘During the ensuing two decades, lumbermen went on to clear-cut most of the wood in the Smokies.’