Canadian Lumberjack VS tree
Image by Josep Monter Martinez from Pixabay

Canadian Lumberjack VS tree

Despite the actual fact not too many men and women receives a commission to swing axes and dropped woods nowadays (devices do this today), the mystique associated with lumberjack is alive and well in today’s popular imagination. Both in fiction and manner, not to mention women’s minds, woodsmen and their durable methods continue steadily to fascinate and captivate.

A 5-part ode into the loggers of yesteryear.

Canada Vignettes: Log Driver’s Waltz

Wood Driver’s Waltz could be the mama of most NFB classics. Additionally cat video, it really is one of the more requested films on Viewing it, for very first or even the billonth time, it really isn’t difficult to realize why. 1) it had been directed by a Weldon – ! 2) it’s predicated on a brilliant catchy tune, sung because of the wonderful McGarrigle Sisters. 3) Between words eg “For there’s none aided by the form of a log motorist, ” and “A log driver’s waltz pleases women totally, ” it states it like it is.

Wood Front

This brief doctor is 73 years old and amazing. Stated in 1940, while the world had been plunging head-first into World War II, it tackles the topic of lumbering through the uncommon position of war attempts. The narrator’s vocals, puffed using righteousness of propaganda, provides the Canadian woodland as one of the most vital brand-new war fronts. If, on the prairies, “wheat fields are the farmer’s battleground, and integrates their tanks, ” when you look at the woodland “the sound of struggle is the crash of dropping woods.”

Six moments into the film, but the war rhetoric subsides, and now we have actually a lovely 6-minute vignette on war-time lumberjacks. The video footage is superb, although descriptions, better still. Loggers tend to be referred to as North America’s genuine pioneers; males with “a capacity for work and hard drinking, unsurpassed ever, ” which wade into the forest using their axes 6 times per week and on Sunday, grind their axe knife to a razor edge and shave together with them. So manly.

Canada Vignettes: Logger

This animation from Canada Vignettes series crams everything you need to find out about exactly how lumberjacks went from being the fit gods in the center of lumbering trade to forestry specialists supervising equipment – in a single minute flat.

Ti-Jean Goes Lumbering

Ti-Jean is a young French Canadian boy with reddish locks, freckles and extremely capabilities. In this 1953 classic, Ti-Jean moves into a logging camp driving on a tall white horse and seeking for a job. “As cook’s assistant, maybe?” the clerk requires. “No, as a woodcutter, ” responses Ti-Jean. All of the real lumberjacks, put together for meal, laugh their breeches off. Nevertheless they shortly reside to regret it. Ti-Jean, pint-sized superhero that he’s, amply demonstrates their mettle by contending and winning in all the lumbering competitions and contest the major burly males throw his means. Go Ti-Jean!


This 1 is form of a cheat. Though it is due to the belated sixties, a period once the age of lumberjack “with his axe and bulging biceps” had been pretty much anything of history, this movie merits your interest if perhaps for severely trippy orifice series. Inexplicably, pictures of falling woods tend to be juxtaposed with footage of hot babes flaunting Flower Power beach attire al fresco. The opening song’s lyrics fundamentally shed some light onto this titillating head-scratcher. “Yes, yes, ultimately, ” Donna Louthood sings, “the lady owes the woman dress to a tree – yeah!”