Lumberjack wood pellets
Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

Lumberjack wood pellets

Smoke Daddy Inc. is currently the Midwest on the web Wholesaler for Lumberjack Brand BBQ lumber Pellets!

Purchase Top Quality BBQ Pellets:

1 Ton: $799.99($.40 per pound)

1/2 Ton: $499.99 ($.49 per lb)

With FREE DELIVERY Within the Midwest!

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Why is Lumber Jack therefore popular?

Easy! The flavor of every tree is within the Metabolites or cambium level of this growing tree. Which means that all BBQ pellets made from recurring sawdust as a byproduct are usually made up of the core kiln dried wood, as an example the sawdust from a hickory furniture or hammer handle factory is void of taste or only a tremendously weak carryover through the growth in the cambium level. If the old timers smoked animal meat and fish they couldn’t take the bark from the lumber they gathered for this identical explanation. We have been a round log plant this means we harvest real woods and processor chip them up as green chips, with full taste to help make our BBQ pellets. Everyone work hard for the money and then we anticipate a product we are able to purchase for the dollars, not some cost effective to manufacture item, this is certainly nothing but a low flavor gimmick item.

We made sure our items were pure virgin tree stock and not some contaminated by product.

Don’t get confused

As soon as we say we debark the purple oak base product on our blends, we do this for a tremendously certain reason. It costs extra money for this step. As the smoke taste you’re looking and expecting is within the bark, we make the bark from the oak therefore it enables the total wealthy taste in the future through of pellet flavor such as Hickory blend and Maple combination. This permits us to truly have the best taste in our blends! Our 100% types tend to be complete flavor and all sorts of logs tend to be chosen logs perhaps not dragged logs so no dust features gathered generate clinkers when you look at the ash.

Flavor Alternatives:

  • Timberline Blend (Oak, Maple, Cherry)
  • Supreme Blend (Oak, Hickory, Cherry)
  • Competition Blend (Maple, Hickory, Cherry)
  • Fruitwood Blend (80percent Cherry, 20percent Apple)
  • Pecan Blend
  • Mesquite Combination
  • Hickory Blend
  • Apple Blend
  • 100per cent Pecan
  • 100per cent Oak
  • 100per cent Hickory
  • 100per cent Maple
  • 100per cent Cherry
  • 100percent Beech
  • 100percent Alder
  • Paris Bourdeaux (Includes Rosemary)
  • Mexican Temperature (Has Red Pepper)
  • Italian Garlic Blend

Blended Flavors include: 60% Debarked Red Oak and 40per cent Hardwood Flavor

We deliver towards the WHOLE Midwest region!


Shipping Policy:

Whenever ordering, kindly provide a phone # in order for that freight company can contact you. Because of the size and fat, we provide FREE SHIPPING either to a business target which has a forklift/loading dock or even to the closest cargo terminal we would figure out to-be picked up from. The cargo organization will-call you when the pellets arrive and you’ll select it after that. For another $80, we are able to additionally delivery the pellets to a residential house address.

Residence deliveries from cargo terminal are the purchasers duty to set up. Please allow 5-7 business days for distribution.



“ maybe not for human or animal usage” Keep out from the get to of kiddies”

“ Combustion of lumber chips, chunks or pellets like all wood services and products, causes the emission of carbon monoxide, soot as well as other burning by-products including dust known by the State of Ca resulting in cancer, beginning problems or reproductive harm.” Per idea 65.

“ Special caution for those who have allergies such as for example tree fresh fruit and nuts-do perhaps not make use of these lumber items.”