Canada logging companies
Photo by Paula from Pexels

Canada logging companies

Nineteen wood organizations and seven ecological organizations—including the Conservancy—have get together to break down obstacles and develop a unique basis for the protection of Canada’s Boreal woodland.

The Arrangement

At 1.3 billion acres, Canada’s boreal woodland is the reason one-quarter of this undamaged, original woodland staying on Earth. To protect this vital landscape, the Conservancy has joined forces with a diverse coalition of environmental organizations, industries, native peoples and governments through the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement.

is the biggest agreement of its type all over the world, and is centered on finding solutions that work for individuals and nature across 178 million miles of boreal forest—an location twice how big Germany.

Under the agreement, 19 wood organizations have actually suspended signing functions on over 70 million forested miles to companion with environmental companies, Indigenous individuals and provincial governments to generate a win-win for folks and nature. Collectively, we are establishing directions for protected areas, woodland administration and renewable logging practices.


At 1.3 billion miles, Canada’s Boreal Forest makes up about one quarter regarding the undamaged, original woodland continuing to be on Earth. Right here, moose, wolves and bears roam the landscape alongside the iconic woodland caribou— a species at-risk when you look at the boreal. The spot is also the spring nursery for over 3 billion migrating songbirds as well as its wetlands uphold 80percent of the waterfowl types in North America.


The CBFA relies on research to steer activities on the floor.