Gyppo Logger British Columbia
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Gyppo Logger British Columbia

Liv Kennedy’s parents had been pioneers on Quadra Island, and she was created aboard the Coast Mission ship Columbia. She grew up in logging camps and fishing villages along the coast, investing most of the woman amount of time in boats, plus 1965 started a four-year travel throughout the world in a 37-foot cutter. She now lives in Nanoose Bay, BC, in which she works as a freelance publisher. Her articles and pictures appeared in Pacific Yachting for twenty years, she contributes regularly to Boat World and she actually is co-author of Vancouver Once Upon a Time. She is the author of Coastal Villages [1991]. [Harbour Publishing 2003]

Liv Kennedy, produced on goal ship Columbia when it ended up being docked in Port Neville, grew up within the logging camps and fishing villages for the shore by her Norwegian-Canadian parents. After two decades of writing a column for Pacific Yachting and Boat World she gathered her coastal photographs, research and memories for a 1991 bestseller, Coastal Villages of British Columbia.

[BCBW 1992]

Coastal Villages of Brit Columbia (Harbour $39.95)


ONCE THE HUB OF GYPO LOGGING FROM 1900 to 1960, Minstrel Island as well as its alcohol parlour tend to be popular. To the 1970s a visitor could however discover hundreds of old liquor bottles strewn in the coastline at low-tide. “The resort as soon as had the difference of offering even more beer than just about any other outlet in B.C., ” states coast historian Liv Kennedy, “The loggers would get on their own over to Minstrel each time they needed seriously to ask around about work. After that they’d get the Union Steamships to simply take them to another camp.” A.M. Grainger, who composed Woodsmen for the West, stayed inside Minstrel Island resort in 1907, paying for their patch of flooring by sawing firewood. In the times if the hotel doubled as a whorehouse, a huge selection of hand loggers accustomed row down seriously to Minstrel using their jacks in their ships, in the event they spotted an available tree along the way. The storyline goes, in accordance with Jim Spilsbury, ‘that after the over-tired staff declined to the office on Sunday.’ Minstrel’s disgruntled customers retaliated by jacking up the complete building. The hotel rose higher and higher off its fundamentals through to the ‘working girls’ eventually relented. For gypo loggers such as Panicky Bell, Step-and-a-Half Phelps and eight-day Wilson, Minstrel Island stayed a shrine until its gradual demise when you look at the 1960s. Today the people who live on Minstrel Island understand almost no towards resort’s frequently outrageous customers. Although a resort has re-opened on Minstrel for summer time visitors, few recognize the historical building was really floated to Minstrel from Port Harvey by owner Neil Hood before he offered way to operators eg Isador Herawitz (usually remembered as Izzy the Jew), Buck and Grace Munn, Russ Boyd and Perley Sherdahl. “People who started to get bits of the shore these days, ” claims Kennedy, “particularly seafood farmers or European people, don’t know just what continued right here before.” Minstrel’s harsh record, plus tales of more than 20 various other coastal communities such as for example God’s pouch, Sointula, Owen Bay, Heriot Bay and Lundcomprise Liv Kennedy’s upcoming Coastal Villages of British Columbia (Harbour $39.95). Created regarding the well known Coast Mission ship Columbia when it ended up being docked in Port Neville, Kennedy grew up in logging camps and fishing villages by the woman pioneering Norwegian parents. As a kid she lived at HardWick, Sayward, Lochborough Inlet, Owen Bay, the north end of Quadra and Redonda Bay. “Sometimes it seems for me like i am exploring my guide all my life, ” she says. After she finished a four-year circumnavigation worldwide when you look at the sixties, the Nanoose Bay citizen gone back to B.C. and began supplementing your family income by composing. For twenty years the girl line Offshore folks starred in Pacific Yachting; currently it’s featured in Boat World. Coastal Villages will contain archival and modern pictures regarding the coastline, mainly taken by Kennedy, contrasting the coastal communities then-and-now. Covering similar territory, filmmaker Mike Poole recalls coastal record and information on a summer-long canoe travel in his upcoming Ragged Islands: A Journey through the Inside Passage (D&M $24.95). Poole’s present leading movie, Island of Whales, ended up being aired on the PBS series Nova. Kennedy ISBN 1.55017-057-0 Poole ISBN 0-88894-718-0