Axe Grinders British Columbia
Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

Axe Grinders British Columbia

From this unique gondola, you’ll experience some of the most spectacular views readily available of Pacific, the Gulf Island and undoubtedly, the metropolis of Vancouver sprawling under. North America’s largest aerial tramway is certainly not anyone to miss! Unless you’re afraid of heights, of course…


We’ve got neighbors… The Bear Discovery journey is in-paw-sibly enjoyable. Catch the Skyride Gondola up the mountain, go out with a ranger watching Grizzlies Grinder and Coola manage to get thier morning feeding before maneuvering to the Grizzly Lookout Café for yours. PLENTY less dangerous than it seems!

Zipping Along

Hill Ziplines includes a dual-line, five-line circuit that’s a fully guaranteed adrenaline rush as you hurtle through canyons and forests on a two-hour tour that leaves you experiencing less like a tourist and more like a traveling squirrel.

One Big Windmill

The coolest benefit of the imposing Eye associated with the wind generator isn’t the electrical power it generates – it’s the clear cup viewPOD towards the top that offers 360-degree views just yards from the strucutre’s huge rotating blades…

He’s a Lumberjack and He’s Ok

The popular Grouse hill Lumberjack Show features winner woodsmen doing winner woodsman things: log rolling, a 60-foot tree rise, two-man peg and raker saws, axe throwing plus the ever-thrilling springboard chop – the actual only real 3-board occasion in united states. If you don’t feel Canadian right here, you won’t feel Canadian everywhere.


From neighborhood trips into the extravagant Fly, Dine & Drive bundle, Blackcomb Aviation will leave you breathless having its trips. This is how doing Brit Columbia’s yard however you like. And simply once you thought the scene couldn’t get any better…


In the event that you’ve ever wondered just what it’s like to be an autumn leaf on a rather high tree… Tandem Paragliding launches from the Grouse hill Peak and floats you 3, 300 legs down into Cleveland Park – a ride you’re not soon to forget.


Cooking choices abound on Grouse. Experience fine eating with even finer views in the Observatory and Altitudes Bistro, get casual at Lupins or Rusty Rail BBQ & Grill, grab a java in the Grouse Grind Coffee club or Starbucks (we all know, they’re EVERYWHERE) or treat yourself to a sweet Canadian pastry classic – the Beavertail!