WEN Lumberjack
Image by Manfred Antranias Zimmer from Pixabay

WEN Lumberjack

The WEN Lumberjack 30-Ton Gas-Powered Log Splitter rapidly and properly transforms that heap of wood into a stack of smaller wood, helping you save both time and energy. With heavy measure welded-steel construction and a 212cc motor, you’ll manage to separate logs around 14 in. in Dia and 25 in. in L. The 4.5 in. x 24 in. hydraulic cylinder additionally the 12 GPM two-stage pump work together to push the 7 in. heat-treated metal wedge straight through the center of any wood standing in the manner. Fill up the only gallon vehicle’s gas tank to power this beast for more than 4 hours of half-load runtime. Splash lubrication elongates the lifespan of all interior components and components while the two-handed procedure guarantees people remain at a safe distance through the wedge. The onboard tow hitch produces effortless transport, enabling towing at around 45 miles each hour. Other functions consist of a 2-in. ball, safety chains, an adjustable detent valve with car return, a 14-second cycle time, and two 16 in. tires. And because this is a WEN item, your 30-Ton Gas-Powered Log Splitter comes backed by a 2-year guarantee, a nationwide community of competent solution professionals, and a helpful client phone line every to make sure you keep in mind WEN. It’s time for you to save some time and energy, store the axe and turn on the WEN Lumberjack 30-Ton Gas-Powered Log Splitter. Remember when you had over 60, 000 lbs. of log-cracking stress within tip of one’s hands. Bear In Mind WEN.

  • Functions a 212cc engine and a 4.5 in. x 24 in. hydraulic cylinder
  • Separate logs around 14 in. Dia and 25 in. L within 14 moments
  • Get 4 hours of half-load runtime off of 1 Gal. of fuel
  • Towable framework with 2 in. ball hitch permits transport as much as 45 MPH


Source: www.homedepot.com