Axe lumberjack
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Axe lumberjack

There were when two great lumberjacks, both with towering structures and strength that knew no end. These people were considered the two best lumberjacks on the planet, capable of cutting down woods around-the-clock. 1 day, they made a decision to contend to see who could slice more lumber in 24 hours.

The initial lumberjack hacked away and, amazingly, would not break for an individual 2nd. He had been so strong and determined that their swings never ever lost speed or precision. For the whole 24/7 competition he persevered, never ever dropping power or reducing.

The next lumberjack had been similarly powerful. He started right-away besides, chopping down tree after tree. But after couple of hours, the lumberjack set their axe by their side and sat down. The growing audience seeing your competition ended up being perplexed and, watching the initial lumberjack’s ferocious speed, could look at 2nd lumberjack falling at the rear of.

After 20 minutes, the 2nd lumberjack resumed cutting. But after another two hours he once again paused. Every two hours however repeat this odd ritual. The crowd, in awe associated with the first lumberjack’s endurance and determination, started disregarding the next lumberjack, certain he previously lost your competition together with lackadaisical approach.

At the 24-hour mark the group erupted in cheer the first lumberjack. Only then did he set down his axe and break to simply take their very first drink of liquid. The crowd praised his superhuman tenacity and power.

However when the logs per lumberjack had been counted, it absolutely was the next lumberjack who was simply declared the clear champion. A gasp escaped from audience. Someone yelled on, “How did you get it done?!” The 2nd lumberjack beamed and explained, “Yes, every two hours we stopped to rest, but In addition took the period to hone my axe.”

How often can you step back and sharpen your axe?

Lots of people scanning this most likely feel the very first lumberjack. You might be passionate about specific reasons and possess powerful abilities which will make an actual distinction. Never pausing for a break may feel like a reality, but in addition a point of pride.

If anyone feels in this way, it’s the leaders of nonprofits: requested to take action much with so little, working tirelessly without breaks feels like a necessity. Their tenacity is one of the reasons the nonprofit industry within the Pikes Peak area is so strong.


The Regional Nonprofit Executive Leadership Program (NELP) provides an area for nonprofit leaders to step away and sharpen their axes. For two-and-a-half days at El Pomar Foundation’s Penrose House, leaders tend to be led through important reflection, self and peer evaluation, and instruction from leadership development professionals. Individuals leave with a sharper axe, capable resume their make use of the same tenacity, but much more effective and efficient frontrunners.

Local NELP rotates to a new region in Colorado annually. This season, nonprofits in El Paso and Teller Counties with spending plans under $750, 000 meet the criteria to use. The program will next be provided inside Pikes Peak area in 2025. Participation amounts are capped assuring top-notch conversation with peers and detailed attention using the program trainers. The course is $400, a portion of the conventional price of the program.

We love this informative parable, which we’ve heard numerous times from several sources. Dr. Stephen Covey’s “Sharpen Your Saw” comes to mind, alongside some other exemplary blog posts and speakers.