Professional Lumberjack axes Canada BC
Image by Erdenebayar Bayansan from Pixabay

Professional Lumberjack axes Canada BC

Squamish times is excited to welcome award-winning, All-Star center Linebacker, two-time Grey Cup Champion, and seven-year Canadian Football League veteran, Shea Emry as our unique guest for 2016. After enduring a concussion, which put him away for the remainder associated with soccer season in 2011, Shea discovered himself fighting studies of history. Negative self-talk, separation, and an intensifying self-consciousness received him back in the depressive state he’d referred to as a teenager; having already been the target of extreme childhood bullying.

At the beginning of 2012 Shea answered their true calling: unmasking masculinity. He began using his system in expert recreation to fairly share his story with youth, inspiring self-care and discussion regarding wellness and mental health. He took this calling and founded Wellmen, a Men’s Adventure Club which hosts led team activities assisting men reconnect with themselves, nature, and bond with like-minded pals.

“The most of guys inside our family been employed by when you look at the timber or forestry industry, ” Emry claims. “once I delved to the household picture albums, I saw a picture of my great-great-grandfather — huge moustache, standing close to a historical tree he had been felling. It made me feel like I’m residence.”