Lumberjack Furniture
Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

Lumberjack Furniture

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Every little thing to produce custom sign furniture. Logs perhaps not included.

Never built a stick of furniture before? Grab your exercise, get this joint cutter kit, and start crafting tough, austere log furniture just like the items that costs big bucks in those lodge-style décor stores your wife is obviously dragging you into. Sturdy tenon cutter works like a pencil sharpener on steroids to cut 1-1/2-in. neck tenons on logs around 3 inches in diameter. Made of durable dust coated die-cast aluminum, it is loaded with detachable, replaceable double blades that power through logs. Wind up the joint utilizing the 3-1/2″-long Forstner bit that bores accurate 1-1/2″ dia. flat-bottomed mortises in absolutely nothing flat. Includes 20 wood furnishings intends to get your imaginative juices moving. Needs a 1/2-inch single speed, high-torque drill, 150 to 450 RPM.

Get this joint cutter kit, grab you drill and commence crafting your own personal durable, austere sign furniture.