Lumberjacks Restaurant Stockton CA
Photo by eric montanah from Pexels

Lumberjacks Restaurant Stockton CA

5820 Madison Ave
Sacramento, CA 95841

(916) 349-9848

YUM YUM YUM! Tasty Comfort Food. Awesome Decor/Ambience/fun Log seats. Even the bathroom is embellished in theme. Very FRIENDLY WORKFORCE. PS: there is even a Super Studly ‘Paul Bunyan’ looking Lumberjack statue out front side.

We absolutely love the foodstuff here, however, this destination has positively the worst solution i’ve ever had. Emerged in on a Saturday mid-day with family as well as 2 kids. Restaurant had about 7 tables at that moment, there have been 3 computers. It took us 1 hr getting our meals, 45 moments which I waited for my sons children dinner I had asked for it ahead fast while he had been hungry. She never ever arrived by to refill our beverages, had to get right up and get the girl. After practically 2 hours later on whenever we eventually got meals, consumed rapidly and got our bill. (we recommended this destination to us checking out from regarding town)Asked to speak to a manager, ends up our host was the “manager”, she would not apologize for anything, just stated she ended up being busy and did not offer a discount or anything!! will probably not be right back although the meals is really great this is not our first bad service knowledge but each time meals was amazing

Keep offering this location much more chances nevertheless they keep disappointing myself. Costs are ok-ish, slightly high. Had been looking at a menu on line, ordered some thing and ends up they enhanced the cost by $5. think about updating it online? The seafood ended up being definitely tasteless, no flavor at all. Soups tend to be veryyy salty, and a lot of most likely originate from a can. We stay appropriate close to this place, but I’m done, I do not think I’ll previously keep coming back right here once again.

Thus place is really good. The dishes are huge the foodstuff taste great. The employees is definitely here to get you sitting to get your food for your requirements hot and fresh. I come here every time I’m in Sac

Been here a few times recently. Meals is consistent and it has for ages been great. Absolutely nothing certain that could hold me returning besides place. Could possibly rather post 3.6 stars but that is maybe not an option. This time there were some delays expediting food through the screen, but seems like these were handling it. Manager had many connection with staff but oddly not significant with guests.

This was a fairly good dinner. The solution ended up being good also. I had the chicken deep-fried steak with mashed potatoes and a side salad. The steak was Huge such so I only ate one half. It had been completely golden brown, topped with tasty country gravy. The mashed potatoes had been Real and flavorful with the gravy above. The meal was included with a mini loaf of breads. The breads was cozy, but does not have any considerable taste. However, the honey butter that came with it composed the bread’s blandness. Along side it salad had been sufficient. I appreciated the sharp lettuce. The toppings had been too few to obtain a beneficial style. I had no room for dessert, but they looked good. The solution ended up being great. The host, Cindy ended up being really attentive and friendly. If you would like big portioned comfort meals with great solution, We state stop by.

45 moment, wait for half bare dishes of over cooked meals. Waitresses tried to guard a 4 egg omelette by calling it a-1 egg scramble? Cookies were tough and stale. Get somewhere else!