Another name for Lumberjack
Photo by Rhys Abel from Pexels

Another name for Lumberjack

THE 2016 MEDALLION HAPPENS TO BE DISCOVERED! 6th generation Stillwater Resident Logan discovered the medallion at Sunrise Park after looking each one of the times through the occasion. He had bought a 2016 Commemorative Button, lived in Stillwater, took a selfie and their family car was in fact serviced between June 2015 and July 2016. Congratulations! And THANKS to any or all for playing – both kindly and respectfully. It has been a search however, because of everyone’s attitudes. #LJD2016

Thank-you for Stillwater Motors for sponsoring this event.

2016 Historical Medallion Search – Clues Deciphered:

Clue #1: Read at 6pm on Thursday, July 14 at Washington County Historic Courthouse

We’ve now returned the legal rights towards the Lumberjack Days name

While the Medallion Hunt changes, yet remains the same (Meaning: brand new concealing location, brand-new clue-writer, same great custom).

On general public land in Stillwater’s borders

Here are your searching sales (definition: Stillwater town limits on public land, not private)

In the event that you’ve been looking around currently for the prized token

Hear the language now-being talked (Meaning: you ought to really go directly to the first clue in person is the first ever to know the clues. There’ll be a delay with publishing the clues on the web, deliberately).

The medallion has been hid only now when I speak

Best of luck today on this giant game of hide and seek. (Meaning: If perhaps you were searching early, you’re wasting time. The video game begins just after the very first clue is read).

Clue no. 2: Review at 1pm on Friday, July 15 on Warden’s House

Thank heavens it’s Friday, the week-end starts.

Ensure you wear bugspray, even on your own shins. (Meaning: The hiding area was SUPER mosquito-filled. Never to torture individuals, but just given that it ended up being a good hiding spot. This was a warning also, that in the event that you cannot put on bugspray, you will get consumed up. I made that blunder myself).

The beauty in Stillwater is an impressive web site.

You’ll discover the medallion in the event that you check out the proper. (Meaning: The pathway in Sunrise park is the best, as well as the deer road, plus the lifeless, fallen pine-tree where the medallion ended up being hidden).

If you’re near a cliff by yet another title

Hold searching my buddies, the prize is yours to claim (Meaning: if you should be near EDGEWOOD Rd, you are getting closer to Sunrise Park. Edge is another name for a cliff).

Clue number 3: study at 1pm on Saturday, July 16 within Warden’s home

In the event that you’ve been looking downtown

This clue will provide you with a frown (Meaning: it is not in downtown Stillwater – a lot of individuals were down here AND with the 2016 floods, we had beenn’t using any chances).