Lumberjack Match
Image by Brandon Bolender from Pixabay

Lumberjack Match

Last week on TNA influence, Ethan Carter III began his roadway to redemption by beating Rockstar Spud in a cage match. It was 1st in a few matches that EC3 must win to get a rematch with Mike Bennett. Meanwhile, Willow made his return last week and attacked Jeff Hardy. This was many perplexing because Willow is the change pride of Jeff.

This evening on Impact:

On tonight’s show, TNA World Champion Drew Galloway places their subject on the line against Bobby Lashley. Additionally, Jeff continues his goal to unmask Willow and reveal their true identity.

Show Recap:

-Earlier today, we see Drew Galloway entering the Impact Zone using the TNA title. In addition previous today, Bobby Lashley finds the influence Zone. Exactly what a coincidence. Lashley and Drew area each other backstage and get into a brawl.

-In the influence Zone, Willow makes his way down toward band. Josh Matthews and also the Pope recap Willow’s assault last week.

Willow goes into the band and takes the microphone, his sound is altered. He says he could be Willow and hear him roar. No, but seriously, he tends to make an extremely demonic cackle. This brings Jeff towards the band resulting in the audience to cheer in ovation. Jeff lets us understand that there was just one Willow in which he life inside of him. Jeff speaks like Willow and does the cackling laugh. This causes a match.

Jeff Hardy vs. Willow

This was a quick match and was basically a squash. Jeff dominated Willow and won because of the Twist of Fate. After the match, Jeff attemptedto use the mask from Willow whenever an extra Willow attacked Jeff from at the rear of. The 2 Willows beat straight down Jeff and pointed during the entry. A third Willow moved out and Pope stated it appeared as if Jeff. This Willow also spoke with all the distorted voice and stated he had been going to be Jeff’s worst nightmare.

Back from commercial, the two Willows held Jeff while the third Willow resolved him. Willow unmasked to reveal…Maxell Hardy! Just joking, its Matt Hardy, but he had been messed-up. It was an alternate Matt. He spoke with a weird tone and had a streak of blonde tresses. In addition showed up that his remaining attention is smudged and appears to be all white. Presumably, the Swanton bomb from heavens a few weeks ago caused all this. Matt told Jeff that he scarred him. Matt choked out Jeff in the band to end the part.

-In the rear, a high, gorgeous, bubbly blonde approached Velvet Sky. She launched by herself as Allie, Maria’s associate. She informed Velvet that she’s a match with Sienna later. Velvet got in Allie’s face and she backed down. Just then, Allie got a call from Maria that has the woman assistant tell Velvet that if she lost to Sienna, Velvet should be fired. Allie is better known as Cherry Bomb from the Indies.

-We get a recap of Drew and Lashley brawling early in the day. Next, Jeremy Borash interviews TNA President Dixie Carter. She declares that tonight’s title match will likely to be a lumberjack match.

Sienna vs. Velvet Sky w/Velvet’s job on the line

As Velvet tends to make the woman option to the ring, Josh reminds us that if Velvet manages to lose she’s fired. They’re pressing Sienna as a monster and she dominates the first area of the match. Velvet tends to make a brief comeback and results a few near falls. But’s not enough and Sienna hits the woman finisher to grab the win. Velvet is fired and it is in reality carried out in TNA.

-Next we get a vignette of Mike Bennett and Maria chilling out because of the share. Maria looked ridiculously hot in addition to Miracle understands it. He tells Maria to get some sunshine then they’ll look at towards influence Zone to make a miracle take place.