Lumberjack Watch
Image by Oskars Zvejs from Pixabay

Lumberjack Watch

If a tree drops in woodland no a person is around to see it, how will they know if it will likely be a son or a lady?

Luckily for us, Tennessee few Trevor and Tayler Hager will not need figure out how to answer that question. Alternatively, the duo struck up their neighborhood woods dressed in matching flannels and took issues within their very own hands—quite virtually, with a chainsaw—in order to learn the sex of the on-the-way hottie.

“often in life you must head to nature to learn the responses to concerns you actually want to understand, ” Trevor explains in orifice of couple’s ensuing sex expose video. “Like for instance, is my little tyke gonna be a lumberjack…or a lumberjane? Let us ask this tree and discover.”

Too attractive! But why don’t we rewind for an additional to figure out the way we got here.

In accordance with in Edition, following the Hagers got their particular ultrasound, they contacted an in depth buddy whom happens to be a lumberjack and found the right dead tree to saw upon their home. But very first, they hollowed it, filled a capsule made of PVC pipe with paint, after which placed it inside.

Cut to Trevor on movie, excitedly wielding his trusty chainsaw.

“it had been a little bit daunting to cut a tree which was dead, ” he admitted to Inside Edition. “I happened to be therefore concentrated in making it perhaps not strike aside or fall on me.”

Looks like their focus paid off—because in the course of time, the tree begins bleeding blue.

“Well it seems like nature features talked and we’ll be having a lumberjack, ” the happy papa-to-be announces.

Aww, congrats, guys! May we recommend the name…Timber?

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