Lumberjack Show Gatlinburg
Image by chiansaw from Pixabay

Lumberjack Show Gatlinburg

Disclosure: we received free seats to facilitate this analysis. All opinions are my own.

Dolly’s Lumberjack Adventure Show

Last month the family and I also vacationed into the stunning Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, Tennessee area. It absolutely was the first occasion anyone had ever before investigated the location and we straight away dropped crazy. To start with, it is such an amazingly beautiful city, because of the mountains as a back drop at each destination, you could perhaps not help but bask with its majestic beauty. Next, the city has actually such to do to check out, we couldn’t possibly do a fourth of the tourist attractions we wanted to on our week long trip.

There clearly was but a “must do” destination on our listing, we wished to go to a supper tv show! Also this was included with its own hurdles. The thing is, the region has countless supper programs, it was hard to select only one. So we decided, when in Gatlinburg ask Dolly! managed to get’s first into the area final May. She actually runs two dinner shows in the region, others becoming the Dixie Stampede, nevertheless when we discovered Dolly’s father ended up being a lumberjack and also this program ended up being notably of a “tribute” to him, we understood we had to view it!

The doors started about an hour or so before the show started. I’m pleased we came the moment they did because i’d not have wished to miss all the pre-show fesitivities. We were serenaded by several banjo playing residents that do not only sang but also brought on the comedy!

The lobby also included a huge gift store, a club with themed drinks (alcoholic and non) and even a small beauty/barber store in which young ones could “join the camp”. For starters low cost of $14.99, your younger it’s possible to come to be a Lumberjack or hill Princess. The Lumberjacks bundle included facial painting, a black beanie with logo design, an axe and leather-based bracelet. Mountain Princess outfit includes facial makeup products, rose headband, necklace, bracelet and wand.

Children (and grownups) may possibly also mine for gold/gems! “Go back in its history and feel just like a prospector while you experience GEM MINING at Trading Post“. For a 2 lb case for $4.99 or 3 lb case for $6.99, you get bag of sand filled up with treasures along with other interesting rocks you could “mine” there inside lobby location.

Show Time! We had been sitting in arena styled sitting, this is anticipated considering that the program had been the key attraction and something failed to wish to miss a minute of it! The kids, my spouce and I was entralled from the moment the show began. It was enjoyable, it had been vibrant plus it also incorporated the participtaion of the audience.

The storyline was predicated on two logging families that were in a feud, isn’t this a requirement in mountain people? But this feud seems to be somewhat from the friendly side. As opposed to tossing blows, this family takes out their hostility in an excellent ole manner Lumberjack competition. That’s where the viewers comes in. The arena had been split along the center plus one region of the arena rooted for household, while the opposite side hooted and hollered for his or her family to-be victorious.

The Lumberjack competitors included anything you can see right now would be contained in a Lumberjack competition. From sawing logs, to throwing axes and also log rolling, the enjoyment and competition never ever stopped!

The program had been timed perfectly among the foodstuff service (or the other way around). Oh yes, we cannot your investment food because this is a DINNER tv show after all. In general, the meals was excellent! We began with a “Lumberjack home made Biscuit and Timber Slaw”. I am not an admirer of slaw, maybe it had been hunger or it was the delicious flavor but I sure dug into it the moment it struck my dish. Upcoming up ended up being the key program including “Campfire Fried Chicken, Smokehouse Pulled Pork, Homestyle Fried Tater and Corn in the Cob”. To top everything down, we’d a warm peach turnover for dessert. The one thing is actually for yes, you will definitely leave this supper show with a complete stomach of tasty meals.