Competitive Lumberjack
Photo by Colton Sturgeon on Unsplash

Competitive Lumberjack

My father provided me with a classic, red-and-black Norton sharpening rock [current model shown]. They’re difficult to track down nowadays. I’ve bought different stones, from $9 people as much as $300, in addition they all apparently do essentially the exact same job, although Norton will do it a little faster.

My axes are by Tuatahi, a New Zealand organization. They’ve got really good metallic, and whatever you want, they’ll make. The form, dimensions, the perspective for the grind—it’s all to my specs.

The saw that I use in competition is made from scrape. We take a Honda CR250 engine from a motocross bike, strip it down, adding a guide bar, a couple manages and a chain and therefore’s your saw.

We spent my youth nearby the forests and have already been shopping and fishing since I had been about 10. I’ve had a Parker Raptor XP bow since college, and I’m looking to put it to use to obtain a black colored bear this current year. My family never ever wastes something that we get or hunt. We fundamentally consume every little thing we eliminate and function the maximum amount of of, say, a white-tailed deer as you can. That’s just our life style: in the event that you kill a couple of deer, that will help keep you through to after that season, often.

Benchmade knives are most likely the greatest that I’ve ever had. I purchased the fixed-blade Saddle Mountain Skinner together with Small Summit Lake pocketknife. They’re remarkably sharp out of the field and now have a forever warranty.

I’d instead grill on than cook in a pan. I’ll barbecue grill virtually any little bit of meat. A deer loin, for instance, grilled to medium-rare preferences good; my relative revealed me a good dish: You butterfly-fillet it somewhat, adding jalapeños and cream cheese and put it in bacon. It’s quite awesome. Its definitely simpler to grill on gas, but i love charcoal better given that it imparts a new taste. I take advantage of a Coleman charcoal barbecue grill. Absolutely nothing fancy.

I don’t use steel-toed shoes in competitors. I favor an Australian-made, flat-bottom tennis footwear called Volley Global. In addition wear chainmail socks. I’ve seen all of them stop multiple axes; you’ll most likely have just a bruised toe. That stuff goes a long way.