Adirondack Lumberjacks
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Adirondack Lumberjacks

It may seem like recently every where you turn there was a unique article featuring the most recent and best in men’s fashion: the Lumbersexual. Urban Dictionary features even gone as far as defining the Lumbersexual because, “A metro-sexual who’s got the need to keep some outdoor based ruggedness, therefore opting to help keep a finely trimmed beard.”

Over the past month or two as Lumbersexual headlines have starred in your social networking feed, you may have discovered yourself questioning whether you or your guy is just one. Perhaps you have also taken one of many web quizzes, “How Lumbersexual are you?” or “Are you online dating a Lumbersexual?” while you sipped on your own morning latte. All I’m able to state is SERIOUSLY? This might be a style? Do you only crawl regarding a hole? Okay, maybe I’m being some harsh right here, but I have some easy guidance for your needs: if you were to think you or some body you realize might be a Lumbersexual consequently they are unsure, cannot just take an on-line quiz! Rather, have a look at Tupper Lake, NY, in which it’s already been the style all along. In reality, I do not think this has ever already been a “design” more than simply a means of life.

Let’s begin using the backstory. Well before the expression “Lumbersexual” was turning up on BuzzFeed (or BuzzFeed ended up being even a thing), Tupper Lake ended up being started as a logging town in the heart associated with the Adirondack Mountains. Inside 1850s initial logging procedure found the area and soon after that the city started promising alongside progressively more sawmills. By the change associated with 20th century, the logging industry was booming and Tupper Lake was keeping world records in the market. My family connections (like most who stay right here) return to the lumbering community and these lumberjacks nonetheless keep on being a significant element of Tupper Lake’s present day life.


These days, whilst the logging business is certainly not operating at the scale it was at turn associated with twentieth century, it’s still a significant part of Tupper Lake’s economic climate and tradition. The town has constantly accepted their heritage of being “Home for the Lumberjacks, ” and everywhere from the college mascot to yearly summer time celebrations you will notice the facial skin associated with authentic lumberjack.

Also Known As: The First Lumbersexual

Due to the fact Lumbersexual and Metrojack (the cleaner, much more metropolitan form of the Lumbersexual) trends are more and more mainstream, the design around Tupper Lake has pretty much maintained status quo. Not long ago I discovered an article that broke along the Lumbersexual centered on 5 traits: scruff, clothes, habitat, diet and lifestyle. While these characteristics reveal many similarities amongst the rugged Adirondack Lumberjack additionally the metropolitan Lumbersexual, the 2 appearances nevertheless differ in a variety of ways…

1. The Scruff (or beard)

The urban Lumbersexual typically keeps a well sculpted beard this is certainly designed to look durable, however it’s still surprisingly well-trimmed. While in the Adirondacks, you will discover facial hair of all shapes and sizes. It really is merely in what works for you. It really is about being practical – it’s a shield from elements and it is about making a conscious option between investing time before a mirror or outside.

2. The Wardrobe (it really is more than just a flannel)

In accordance with an article titled just how to be a Lumbersexual, with regards to the clothes the Lumbersexual “cares about their overall clothes design including more ‘outdoorsy’ pieces blended and matched with sleeker garments options. Sample becoming, comfortable flannel shirts with thin jeans or likewise snugger fitting jeans.”

regarding the traditional Lumberjack look it’s not about following newest fashion trend by mixing and matching, it really is once more about being practical. The “outdoorsy” pieces are since you are not any question going to be in the rugged Adirondack backwoods. It’s not always over putting on a flannel shirt like you would imagine (although you might find a great number of those if you look through any crowd). The daily use is typically composed of a mixture of a hardcore durable shirt, dense denim or Carhartt jeans to guard your legs, and shoes and a hat as you absolutely need all of them, not just because they assist complete “the look.”

Although we are on the main topics garments, i must state that we discover after extremely amusing. Whenever I ended up being Christmas time searching for my son, I became going through Abercrombie & Fitch’s internet site and also to my shock, discovered this: (hint take a look at clothes brands)

Yup, you have it right… there is actually a Tupper Lake clothing line! Seems like also significant stores like Abercrombie & Fitch know Tupper Lake once the trend setter for this pop-culture trend. I do nevertheless question how authentic this attire is to Tupper Lake’s design. My guess is that the “Tupper Lake Twill Parka” would not last to your elements or deterioration of a genuine Adirondack winter season. As well as on your final note, I don’t think i’ve previously even heard a guy from Tupper Lake make use of the term twill.

3. The environment (explore real outdoors!)

That’s where both differ considerably. The Lumbersexual desires to appear to be he lives, and possibly even longs for residing, in a spot like Tupper Lake. Can you find someplace which much more “outdoorsy” than becoming located in the midst of the 6-million acre Adirondack Park? If you were to convert that into town obstructs, you would be able to fit significantly more than 15 million obstructs in the park, and Tupper Lake would-be in the heart of that city. But this is not a city, it is a mix of public land providing you with endless options for outdoor relaxation, and exclusive land which could provide you with the “room” that Lumbersexuals crave.

Wanting to picture exactly what this seems like? Simply take a virtual tour through the firetower on top of Mount Arab.

4. The Diet (you tend to be everything eat…)

Im clearly maybe not a Lumbersexual (or a Lumberjack for instance), then when considering examining the diet plans of those two varieties of fine guy, We considered the “experts.” Besides viewing all of them flock into regional diners on a morning, it is a little more challenging to observe the remainder of the day-to-day meals usage.

Let us start out with the Lumbersexual. Birchbox’s article The 5 Definitive characteristics of a Lumbersexual, says that “the Lumbersexual eats natural meals. He drinks art beers and cocktails. You’ll find him at locally owned coffee shops and farm-to-table organizations, eating well and savoring each hearty bite.”