Axe a grind Canada
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Axe a grind Canada

Previously question how exactly to operate a high nationwide statistical agency?

Regarding celebration for the second anniversary for the launch of this StatCan weblog, Chief Statistician Wayne R. Smith shares four elements had a need to excel in the world of statistics:

  • Relevance “The solitary key thing is you have to be producing data which strongly related the most important present needs regarding the nation we serve. It isn’t of good used to our stakeholders whenever we remain calculating typewriters or floppy discs. In Spite Of How good we are, perfect typewriter statistics are not appropriate in today’s world.”
  • Credibility “We must continuously be aware about our credibility. Our credibility is tied to our neutrality and our autonomy. Folks have become persuaded that Statistics Canada does not have any axe to work. Our goal is definitely to have the best possible steps.”
  • Competence “We need certainly to create top quality information based on the most useful practices and technologies that are available.”
  • Efficiency “There isn’t any not enough activities to do. The issue is more that the thirst for info is endless. With our minimal resources, we ought to give you the data this is certainly most useful—the critical information needed for plan formula and management.”

StatCan is literally near the top of its game.

In 2014, the auditor-general evaluated four key programs—National Household research, Labour power research, Consumer cost Index and research of Employment, Payroll and Hours—with respect to quality. “The report was typically rather good about Statistics Canada and the top-notch its programs, ” Mr. Smith stated. “We had been really delighted about that as an endorsement of our work.”

Mr Smith included that the strength of Canada’s national statistical agency is recognized across the world: “We are world leaders in what we do and we also tend to be globally respected.”

These days, StatCan’s expertise is increasingly being provided worldwide. Statistics Canada’s experience is particularly recognized and sought after internationally in your community of online collection of census information, the machine of National Accounts, the environmental surroundings, training, business registers, methodology and information quality, in addition to modernization of nationwide statistical workplaces.


Keeping real to form, Statistics Canada delivered once again in 2014 on an aggressive change agenda. Key successes through the conclusion regarding the final tips of a sophisticated Consumer Price Index, the production of a iteration associated with research of Financial protection determine the wealth of Canadian families, in addition to production of updated, government financial statistics. The very first time, the agency in addition produced Gross Domestic item by census metropolitan area, and can measure the feasibility of making these information a permanent area of the company’s program.

The discussion amongst the agency and information users also proceeded with substantial national consultations to improve the StatCan web site. Whenever full, site visitors will discover an even more powerful spot to satisfy their particular analytical requirements.

In 2015, StatCan will undoubtedly be attempting to meet brand new information needs in lot of various other crucial areas: power data, ecological statistics, monetary indicators, wide range, youngster health insurance and the labour marketplace. The labour marketplace work includes an expansion of information on job vacancies by financial regions and a wage review. These fill information gaps and certainly will help offer the efficient operation associated with the Canadian labour market.

Census preparing

As a build-up towards 2016 Census, the upcoming year in addition holds special challenges. The census could be the biggest peacetime operation done because of the Canadian government. At its top, 35, 000 folks work for Statistics Canada to conduct the census across the country.

“It is an amazing thing to look at the census unfold, ” Mr. Smith said. “Starting from a tiny core set of specialists, we need to build an infrastructure of methods, logistics, folks, instruction and handling facilities. And everything has got to occur during the right minute.”

During 2015, content for Census of Population Program and the Census of Agriculture, should be finalized. Beneath the Statistics Act, the Census questions must certanly be prescribed because of the Governor-in-Council and posted inside Canada Gazette. Typically, this does occur in the year preceding the census. The company can also be a master at handling the style and construction of computers for this project. For 2016 Census, our company is working together with a new player, Shared Services Canada, to construct and test the IT infrastructure expected to offer the collection and processing associated with the lots of of information that collected.

The company is always searching for more cost-effective how to perform its mandate and leverage technologies. By way of example, a personal domain record linkage environment—a database whereby information from different resources could be briefly associated with respond to policy-relevant questions—is under development. Aswell, make use of the provinces and regions is underway generate a database of post-secondary students, that’ll add to the understanding of educational outcomes while the labour marketplace.

Remaining appropriate, legitimate, competent and efficient means working day-after-day with all the stakeholders whom make use of StatCan data. In addition it suggests maintaining the self-confidence of those and companies that provide their information into agency. “Serving Canada with high-quality analytical information that counts” is actually our mission and our pledge.