Lumberjacks Restaurant Redding CA
Image by Kerstin Riemer from Pixabay

Lumberjacks Restaurant Redding CA

Jeff Garrett happens to be Lumberjacks’ creator and President considering that the brand name’s beginning. With more than 30 years in the restaurant business, Jeff is a forward thinking and experienced businessman and entrepreneur. Their many years of expertise working together with other franchise concepts have actually aided him develop and fine-tune his own theme-style restaurant.

Jeff and his partner, Susan, became influenced to start a cabin-themed eatery with country-style, home-cooked meals at affordable prices. They put their particular plan in motion and created the name Lumberjacks, in accordance with a really appropriate tagline, “where in actuality the Big Boys consume!” the idea is still a big success.

From minute the doors started in 2004, there was clearly a type of hungry clients from open to shut as word of this brand-new, special restaurant spread everywhere. Despite immediate success, Jeff invested the following ten years further establishing and increasing every detail associated with the operation. It was a desire for Jeff, to ensure Lumberjacks friends would continue to be happy and to solidify the company design for future Lumberjacks franchisees.

Along with his experience with various other restaurant franchises, Jeff formed a strong opinion in regards to what it can decide to try become successful as a franchise brand name. “i have been taking part in various franchises and I know what not to ever do, ” he says. “it absolutely was always franchisee against franchisor, and I knew Lumberjacks must be various, and I’m happy to state, we’re. I strive to make franchisees section of our family. I remember to hear their a few ideas because they may see things that I do not constantly see. I want to tap into their particular knowledge both as Lumberjack franchisees and from their last, also. Doing this has proven really valuable, certainly!”

Though each restaurant has a distinct character, Jeff always focuses on core characteristics assuring they stay exactly the same, irrespective of location: high quality meals, clean facilities, and friendly staff are core attributes required to long-term success. Jeff says, “Whenever we greet our consumers while they walk in the doorway, they’re going to probably return. If we supply them with high quality dishes at reasonable prices, they’ll most likely come back. whenever we care for consumers’ requirements, they will most likely come back. But, if we care for a few of these things, constantly, they keep coming back…again and over and over!” This is basically the culture of Lumberjacks!