Lumberjack songs
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Lumberjack songs

Minnesota Lumberjack Songs
Irish and Scottish songs through the North Woods

Bemidji native Brian Miller performs thirteen songs of “shanty kids” through the logging heyday of 1830 to 1900. The package includes the CD and two booklets illustrated with historic photographs. A 16-page booklet tells of Irish- and Scottish-influenced tune traditions in lumber camps of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Canada, and somewhere else, including pages of singers Mike Dean, Arthur Milloy, Patty McLaughlin, and Hank Underwood. A 20-page booklet provides full song lyrics and records. Brian Miller is accompanied regarding CD by musicians from Minnesota and Ireland including Dáithí Sproule, Norah Rendell, Tommie Cunniffe, and performer Danielle Enblom.

Songs included are The Maid associated with the Logan Bough, The Shanty-Boy’s Alphabet, Jim Whalen, Two Quadrilles (Otto Rindlisbacher’s / Bob Walter’s), The Finance companies of the Little Eau Pleine, Kettle River, Morzie Ellsworth, Mickey Free, The Three Nations, Highland Fling / Paddy Hill’s, Kitardine, The Mines of Cariboo, Save Your Money whenever You’re teenage.

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