French Lumberjack
Photo by Abby Savage on Unsplash

French Lumberjack

  • A guy in France premiered towards a big tree while the top collapsed
  • He had been utilising the sapling as a counterweight when he had been flung forward
  • Lumberjack suffered a broken arm but is otherwise okay, says friend

Dramatic footage features emerged showing a person becoming violently catapulted towards a tree in Tarbes, France.

The one-minute clip reveals the top the tree dropping towards the ground, resulting in the tethered man become flung towards it.

The amateur lumberjack had a line tied up around his waist with one end tethered to the sapling, that was likely to act as a counterweight.

Remarkable video clip features emerged of a guy being violently catapulted towards a tree in Tarbes, France

Utilising the sapling as a counterweight, the person had been propelled forwards when area of the tree emerged down

The lumberjack collided with dropping dirt and suffered a broken arm

But the trunk area wasn’t very since safe since the man along with his friend had hoped as well as the result has been much more disastrous whenever the surface of the tree toppled more than.

The energy due to that fateful moment caused the lumberjack becoming aggressively flung forward – directly into the falling limbs.