West Coast Lumberjack Show
Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

West Coast Lumberjack Show

Occasion Description

Comprehensive Show Hill Show Females of Wood
Chainsaw Carving
Employing their trustworthy Husqvarna chainsaws, you’ll be astonished at what our lumberjacks can carve from a standing sign in under two moments!
Standing Block Chop
Also known as the standing hard-hit. This event is a test for the lumberjack’s energy and precision. A lumberjack from each staff makes use of their racing axe to chop a standing sign in the smallest amount of number of hits. The lumberjacks require the crowd’s help count what amount of swings each lumberjack takes because they alternate turns cutting through their particular particular logs.
Axe Throwing
A lumberjack from each staff will stand 20 foot from the target and toss a double bitted axe during the target. The Bull’s eye matters as 5 things, after that 4, 3, 2 and 1. The lumberjack with highest score in three throws wins. Countless audience cheering involved!
The tree-climbing is obviously a crowd favorite. Watch as two climbers competition within the climbing trees to a height of 40 feet and back down again. Watch closely, it occurs quickly.
Underhand Cut
A lumberjack from each team appears along with a horizontal log and chops between his feet making use of a razor-sharp race axe. As soon as he reaches the halfway point he transforms around and chops through the straight back region of the sign. The lumberjack whoever wood is cut-in half very first victories!
Jack ‘n Jill Cross-Cut
A female from each side of the group is chosen to participate. Utilising the same cross-cut saw your lumberjacks utilize, the females will saw through wood along with their lumberjack partners. The champion will receive a particular prize not to mention, the loser will not go away empty handed both.
Hot Saw Race


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