Salary of a Lumberjack
Photo by Emil Kalibradov from Pexels

Salary of a Lumberjack

Lumberjacks often use chainsaws to fell trees.


Advances in research have the effect of generating a number of the materials used in modern frameworks and items, but lumber continues to be a typical raw product in building and production. Lumberjacks are workers that fell trees making use of axes, saws also logging gear to get ready lumber for transport. Lumberjacks will also be called tree “fellers” or “fallers.” Lumberjacks typically learn the skills they want through on-the-job instruction nor have knowledge beyond high-school.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that typical yearly earnings of tree fallers ended up being $42, 620 in May 2011. This figure is dependant on the average per hour wage of $20.49 and assumes 2, 080 hours of work a-year. The top 10% of earners made significantly more than $51, 440 a year typically, whilst bottom 10% made less than $22, 510. Fifty percent of workers in profession obtained between $28, 570 and $51, 440 a year.

Various Other Loggers

The term “lumberjack” is generally put on employees just who in fact fell woods. Nevertheless the logging business employs workers to fill several other roles to aid with lumber extraction. Lumber equipment providers use heavy equipment to clear the way for felling and load timber onto vehicles. Lumber truckers transportation timber to mills and supervisors oversee signing functions. The Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that lumber gear providers made $34, 670 per year an average of in May 2011, while logging truckers made $34, 030. Supervisors and managers earned $55, 030 on average.

Top States

Bureau of work Statistics data reveal that Ca ended up being the most truly effective having to pay condition for fallers in May 2011, hence workers within the condition averaged $71, 650 a-year. Other top states for lumberjacks included Washington, in which employees made $60, 670 a year normally; and Oregon, where employees attained $54, 610 typically. Washington employed the most fallers of any condition, followed by South Carolina and Oregon. Workers in sc attained $42, 590 annually an average of.

Job Outlook

The Bureau of work Statistics expects jobs for logging workers to boost by 4 % between 2010 and 2020, which is 10 percentage points slow compared to the national average for several professions. Inspite of the relatively sluggish development, brand new workers need to have good job customers due to the need to replace workers who leave their tasks and only other opportunities which are not as challenging.