Real Lumberjack
Photo by Evan Clark on Unsplash

Real Lumberjack

It seems such as the “rugged” aesthetic that arrived at define Brooklyn will be here to keep: July saw initial edition of venture Woodchips’ Woodsman Camp, a week-long summer workshop on butch competitive activities like axe-throwing, sawing, pole climbing and speed-chopping. This October, the Woodchips team will present the very first version of Axes After Dark, an after-hours axe-specialty competitors training course held at Gotham Archery in Brooklyn.

Paul Smith’s Woodsman class Final Competition 2016 from Brian Russell – Red Shoe movie on Vimeo.

Project Woodchips founders Paula Pou and Caitlin Barrett developed the business after hanging out with expert lumberjacks inside Adirondacks. Both lightweight strongman rivals wish city dwellers to embrace lumberjack tradition from a love for the outside and need to find out useful success skills—and maybe not for an ironic style choice. Apparently, the Williamsburg counter-revolution has actually started.