Professional Lumberjack
Photo by Jennifer Uppendahl on Unsplash

Professional Lumberjack

In new Simulation game ‘Professional Lumberjack 2015’ it is your objective to become the ‘Lord regarding the Forest’ while you clear the trees across a huge wooded landscape.

Face the dedication of genuine lumberjacks while you control and function numerous small and large machinery available. From huge Feller Buncher and Harvesters that debranch and cut up the trunks, to tractors, cranes, vehicles and trailers the transportation for the sliced logs. In your own expandable mill it is possible to make various goods through the natural product and offer your product output for profit.

Feel the odor of fresh tree gum, the noise of heavy vehicles, and more – battling the sun and rain, decreasing woodland giants to tiny bits of lumber. There’s a great deal demanding work to be performed. Are you currently up the challenge?


  • Vast 3D landscape with a huge number of woods, grass, shrubs, traffic, folks plus
  • Numerous machines to unlock and operate
  • Trees have to be chopped, transported, processed and offered
  • Stunning day/night rounds
  • DX11 motor with dazzling pictures
  • Expand and update your own personal lumber processing center
  • Intuitive maneuvering and tutorial to quickly get into the video game

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