Lumberjacks Pizza
Image by Igor Ovsyannykov from Pixabay

Lumberjacks Pizza

1402 Victory Hwy
North Smithfield, RI 02896

(401) 769-7437

I do believe we will be taking some slack from Lumberjack’s for a time. We’ve been purchasing from right here for some many years, even though it’s possessed because of the exact same people who have Gator’s, the solution isn’t the same. I literally cannot think about just one amount of time in the very last half a year we’ve gotten that which we in fact purchased. Their distribution could be hit-or-miss – often, are going to here in fifteen minutes on a busy Saturday-night but just take an hour or so on a random Wednesday. I would ike to state this – the food is great, as soon as you can get that which you wished, it is consistently great. They provide many toppings and you will order your pizza pie a ton of different ways. Their salads tend to be HUGE and filled with animal meat, cheese, etc. I just truly want they were much more precise. Yesterday evening, we purchased a pizza as well as 2 subs. The pizza pie was appropriate, but each one of the subs had been incorrect. Mine was allowed to be cold and dried out with a side of vinegar. It came toasted, with toppings I didn’t request, and mayo. A few weeks ago, I purchased one variety of sub and got a completely various sort and it also had been a wrap instead of on grinder loaves of bread. I am pretty sure this isn’t the fault of those making the meals, nevertheless people taking the purchases. It more often than not seems our telephone call is taken by a woman who’s never browse the menu in her own life. It really is like she is never ever heard of everything we’re purchasing, even though it’s right off their particular selection. We’ll try it once more as time goes on, but i do believe for the time being… sorry Lumberjack’s, we’re on a break.

The slim crust pizza pie crust is crispy. The barbeque sauce on barbecue chicken is tasty. If you want to great pizza pie, obtain it from right here.

You Have To Order The Lumba Luna With Extra Cheese. This can be A Single Size Pizza (method) That Is As Close As You’re Able Get To An Old School MEZZA LUNA Pizza!!!

I have tried Lumberjack’s several times, thinking, “Everyone has an off night, ” and therefore next time would be much better. This eatery uses people that are not conscious of exactly what great customer care is. Every time i have come right here, there is a teenage girl which takes my purchase whom seems much more worried about her colleagues than an individual. I tried the pizza.. (how can you screw up a pepperoni pizza pie??) The pizza pie at Chuck-E-Cheese is way better. Simply terrible. I attempted the wieners.. Awful. We composed the dog owner about this, asking, “how could you call what you are serving “Hot Wieners” in Rhode Island? His reaction: “Sorry about your wiener.” This destination reeks of a team of 12 12 months olds that decided to begin a pizza spot. Sorry, Scott… Lumberjack’s sucks.

We purchased pizza from this neighborhood so-called favorite for first time. We ordered big pepperoni/ mushroom-black olive pizza pie, Greek salad and buffalo wings. Really the only fair product to report had been the Greek salad that was normal but large part. The pizza pie seriously ended up being so extremely unsatisfactory. The complete toppings slid from the awful, non delicious bread . undoubtedly produced by automated process. terrible meals quality and not enough taste. the wings had been huge, under cooked and bland. Were next door to Gators often times as well as the two share ownership and parking lots. We cannot recommend this pizza to any person. therefore unsatisfactory even though beautiful family ownership. they need to really concentrate on food high quality, employ brand new cooks, redo recipes etc. gators for cocktails and beers and simple comfort food is much better even though the gators wings this time were awful. Spend of $37.. distribution took 45 moments which can be average because of this location. .skip it.

I became scared from the other reviews which were left about it location. Quite the contrary, i discovered the solution from the point of contact in the phone on pick up window inside to be good. The pizza it self was tasty, utilizing the right mixture of ingredients and herbs. The crust ended up being somewhat lacking and yes it is prepared on a conveyor gear but general it tastes great. Tried the “fry regarding wall” (ham, bacon and French fries), “the pine” (pesto, chicken, basil) therefore the godfather (sopresta, mozzarella). And all 3 were tasty. Yes, it is a dive. There is a number of tables inside small-town “house of pizza” design destination. It is not the ultimate dinning experience or fantastic pizza pie by any means nevertheless the various other reviews saying exactly how poor it really is don’t fit this reviewers experience. I might visit this place once more.

Among worst pizzas I had. The crust ended up being dense, difficult and heavy. The sauce had been pastey with little to no taste. The pepperoni had been non-existent. The pizza pie was like a rock. Just hold chewing, you may possibly finish someday. Conveyer gear pizza pie obviously.

It seems amount is becoming more crucial that high quality. My last experience had been ordering a lg. margarita pizza. The end result ended up being a large dough but a little topping. There is about 2-3 inches of crust over the outside the pizza. I was dining in with my partner but it was brought to the dining table in a box. We quickly noticed the reason why. Simply not returning.

As provided for the owners: Im never likely to purchase food from your organization once more. I’ve had issues with sales more regularly. When they shorted us 4 wings on a bucket. There is time they took more than an hour to supply the food. two weeks ago I happened to be told it could be 20 minutes for my purchase therefore was at the very least 45. These days could be the last straw. I bought our food as usual together with to duplicate it multiple times into the person in the phone. Then 25 mins quoted changed into and hour! My husband brought the food home and they made the incorrect thing, a sausage calzone rather than a small pizza pie. It was my KIDS supper and they had been extremely annoyed. Once I called to complain about their particular meals, we unsealed mine, only to find out that my purchase was wrong in addition AND I found a dirty TOOTHPICK within my salad!!! Disappointed doesn’t also start to explain how I feel at this time.

This will be my personal favorite pizza destination around. Granted, I do not eat right here as frequently as many others, therefore I can not talk to the inconsistencies. I do love their particular pizza. Many great signature pies that set them apart from standard pizza fare. We once got a BBQ chicken pizza that had both BBQ and marinara sauce also it had been amazing. The prices are slightly higher than various other pizza pie bones, but my biggest problem will have to function as delay. It will require all of them longer than many which will make a pizza.