Lumberjack throwing axe
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Lumberjack throwing axe

2712 Agricola Street, Halifax, NS

902-453-TMBR (8627)

today OPEN!

Inspired by our traditional lumberjack history, The Timber Lounge brings the thrill of axe throwing to Nova Scotia’s metropolitan centre.

Are you searching for something new & AXEciting to complete? Unleash your inner lumberjack at Halifax’s most recent and hottest facility – The Timber Lounge! Why don’t we just take you to your origins using AXEhilerating recreation of axe throwing!

A good recreation for anybody and a powerful way to let off somewhat vapor. Whether you have got had a tough trip to any office, desire a night out together evening to consider, want to put the following great celebration, or simply only want to feel metal piece through atmosphere; axe throwing is when it’s at.

Result in the Timber Lounge very first choice for the next celebration or event. Birthdays, bachelor & bachelorette events, business & team building occasions – let’s take it to another standard of AXEcitement!