Canadian Lumberjack Epcot
Photo by Ales Krivec on Unsplash

Canadian Lumberjack Epcot

Beginning Friday, that stage will undoubtedly be residence to your Canadian getaway Voyageurs within the motif playground’s vacation choices.

The lumberjack act, which began at Epcot in October 2014, featured four flannel-clad rivals vying in outdoorsy competitions like ax throwing and rate sawing. It does not return following the breaks, a Disney spokeswoman said. A year-round replacement wasn’t established.

The program, presented several times on a daily basis, ended up being seen on Mill Stage of Epcot’s World Showcase. A small pool was in fact put into the overall performance location to incorporate real time log-rolling tournaments.

The lumberjacks annexed the phase that had been utilized by Off Kilter, a “celtic rock” musical organization which had done at Epcot for 17 many years.

In another Epcot entertainment change, an acoustical team called Quickstep will debut in britain on Wednesday. It can take the slot previously inhabited because of the Paul McKenna Band.