Lumberjack Song German
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Lumberjack Song German

This very first appeared regarding the television show Monty Pythons Flying Circus, in which it was done because of the psychotic barber. It later on starred in the movie and today For some thing very different and had been sung by the animal shop owner from the dead parrot design.

  • The tune was authored by Monty Python members Terry Jones and Michael Palin with Python associate Fred Tomlinson, who sometimes appear on their particular tv show with “The Fred Tomlinson Singers, ” supplying a chorus for assorted bits.

This starts because of the famous line, “i am a lumberjack and I‘m ok, I sleep all night and I work from day to night.” We shortly learn that there’s another side to the woodman, while he reveals that he really likes to dress up in females’s clothes.

George Harrison produced this song. He assisted completely Monty Python a great deal, money and showing up in their movie lifetime of Brian, and creating many of their singles.

  • The musical organization also recorded a German version of this track entitled “Der HolzfÄller”. This version ended up being found in an episode of their tv program broadcast in Germany.

At a 1976 Monty Python performance, George Harrison joined within the chorus dressed as a Mountie. Typical of Harrison, he blended in and not launched their appearance. Next evening, after Harry Nilsson realized, he arrived the part. This is a tragedy, as Python member John Cleese recalls Nilsson putting on dark specs and generally making an ass of himself. “Harry Nilsson emerged and tried to take the show over, only one huge inflated ego, ” said Cleese. Following the overall performance, Nilsson tried to shake hands because of the audience and fell in to the market, breaking his arm along the way.

  • There are many variations of the song. Two tend to be by Michael Palin: the barber store one from Flying Circus as well as the dog store one from now For anything different. There is also one by Eric Idle as a weather forecaster.
  • Eric Idle performed this during the simply for Laughs event in 2000.

Monty Python, joined by Tom Hanks within the chorus, carried out this song on November 29, 2002 during the Concert for George tribute, which honored George Harrison at Royal Albert Hall in London. At the end of the overall performance, the troupe saluted a picture of Harrison.