Lumberjack Singapore
Photo by Elina Sazonova from Pexels

Lumberjack Singapore

Eileen Keane is a singer/songwriter from North Connemara whose songs reflects the dramatic landscape that surrounds this lady; majestic mountains as well as the blanket bog that sweeps right down to the crazy Atlantic.

Seven years ago she said the lady life changed dramatically whenever she sailed to Brazil with “the guy of her dreams”. Four many years later, she arrived back in Dublin with a shattered heart, a-sea salted guitar and never much else. Her EP is the coloured cup and little shells that she cut back from the woman activities. Hear her story within the personal settings of Annesley home.

Veteran songs critic and producer PJ Curtis described Eileen’s EP ‘Spaces’ as “a extremely fine bit of work”.

Galway Advertiser stated “the 6 exquisite tracks are quite anything … they gleam with an impacting glow that delights the ear and moves the heart….essential hearing”


Lumberjack is a Dublin-based experimental electronic/folk vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, James Lonergan. Lumberjack integrates contemporary sounding rhythms & instrumentation with old-fashioned singing stylings, taking motivation from musicians such James Blake, Aphex Twin, Patrick Watson and Jeff Buckley. Real time, Lonergan is accompanied by long-term collaborators Karl Walsh & Daniel Smith.

Nicole Rourke

Nicole happens to be tangled up in theater for more than 20 years. She trained with Tmu-Na Theatre business, a physical theater business situated in the center East. The woman work has received vital recognition at celebrations in Ireland, the UK, Poland, Singapore additionally the Middle East.

Throughout the last number of years, she has written and done talked term pieces/monologues for cabarets and small celebrations. One piece, The Suitcase Milonguera played at different Tango festivals and at the Electrical Picnic. This play was made in collaboration with Tango performer, Hernan Catvin.

Nicole is currently working on a script for a docu-drama about tango and rage which can be set between Ireland and Argentina. This woman is also an innovative workshop facilitator and is co-founder/ co-director of Big Smoke composing Factory.