Competition axes Canada BC
Image by Alberto Barrionuevo from Pixabay

Competition axes Canada BC

Channel your internal Paul Bunyan. Competitive axe-throwing brand name Bad Axe Throwing has actually hit a bullseye into the Lower Mainland

By Willem Thomas / Picture: Bad Axe Throwing

Some say Canadians tend to be created in a position to swing an axe. In B.C., in which forestry has long been a major industry, you can quickly imagine an alternative truth where kids receive their particular very first axe at age 10 and distributed to cut down their very first full-size tree at 16. But, strangely, Canadians in the western Coast are reduced than their east counterparts in adopting a rapidly developing nationwide trend: competitive axe throwing. Wannabe woodsmen in the beginning honed the craft in backyards and exclusive rooms around Ontario, using the first planned competitions being spearheaded because of the in Toronto in 2006. Other axe-flinging clubs have opened and expanded over the years, and Ontario-based is just about the premiere destination because of this innovative pastime, with places showing up across the country.

While logger games events (like ) existed, actual (appropriate) venues for regular people to bury the hatchet in B.C. did not—until this Summer, which. The very first room of their kind inside province, Bad Axe’s brand new Surrey place (Bad Axe features 10 locations across Canada) aims to deliver Brit Columbians a novel, family-friendly knowledge worth including our rich logging history.

Every nation requires a frontrunner, together with warrior-logger declare that is Bad Axe Throwing has actually crowned Melanie Williamson its formal Queen of Axes. Melanie, who was in addition skip Canada Global 2013, could be the organization spokesperson and creates every new Bad Axe area. Melanie took some time from her royal routine to speak to Van Mag about not merely the brand new area therefore the organization, additionally the growing popularity and experience of tossing an axe.

Understanding your role with Bad Axe Throwing?

My formal name is truly the Queen of Axes. We put on numerous hats, or many crowns in the event that you will, as Queen of Axes. I start up the latest facilities within cross-Canada development system and do everything from having the building and contractors sorted off to hiring and training brand-new employees. I manage the press and in addition run an incredible open household.

How did you get into axe throwing?

We found out about it when it ended up being trending online, and I also figured it absolutely was something i ought to go and try. Not only did I love it, I happened to be striking bull’s-eyes in great amounts. I knew axe putting would be an integral part of my future. I achieved off to [Bad Axe] and began as a coach. Talking to them much more, my business back ground matched whatever they were hoping to find, and we also began working together to grow Bad Axe Throwing across Canada. It’s been an epic adventure so far.

That which was the inspiration behind starting Bad Axe?

We a legend at Bad Axe about a gentleman named Chuck Axewood—his face is our logo. The storyline goes that Chuck was born to a family of lumberjacks within the Rocky Mountains, in which he could do everything. He could juggle axes while logrolling backwards. He got in a fight with a bear over some bacon, and won. This guy could try everything, and axe throwing had been one particular things, therefore he started starting places across Canada and that is how lousy Axe came into existence.

Why do you believe people enjoy throwing axes?

It’s something brand-new and slightly different. We have all done bowling, maybe you’ve done some wild laser label, but axe throwing is the most recent craze, also it’s also something every person may do. If you can raise up an axe, we are able to teach you simple tips to toss it. It’s simple, however it’s addicting.

Exactly how could you describe Bad Axe Throwing as a brandname?

We’re a fun-loving bunch. One thing i say that variety of defines just who our company is is consume, drink, and be burly—burly like a lumberjack. We’re about making great times. We wish visitors to bring their particular plaid, crazy costumes, and have a small grouping of pals, or deliver something similar to a birthday celebration truth be told there.