Grinding an axe head British Columbia
Photo by Tomás M on Unsplash

Grinding an axe head British Columbia

If you’re sick of cutting logs into simple halves for firewood, right here’s a new concept, an axe that may rather divide a log into quadrants in just one blow! Brit Columbia resident K. Holmz chose to make his after purchasing a welder. He previously absolutely nothing to weld except axe heads, so he “decided to produce one thing brand new.” Aside from the welder and axe heads, grinding and polishing tools had been had a need to complete this beast.

With this build, the axe mind the handle isn’t straight placed into ended up being cut in one half, then roughly contoured into the model of the main head. After becoming correctly slashed and situated a little behind the primary knife, the two axe-halves were then welded set up. As you might suspect, cutting an axe mind in half is not exactly easy; two-angle grinder cutting blades were utilized merely to make this split. With this procedure, quite a bit of grinding and polishing was done after accessory to obtain the brilliant sheen present in the very first image.

If you’re skeptical (as I ended up being) about how exactly well this type of axe works, browse the video below. Holmz claims that little fir and pine logs (underneath 7″) can be split in one single shot most of now, but as things develop, the portion drops. According to him, if it doesn’t fully split the wood, this ingredient axe is rather very easy to eliminate for an additional swing.