Lumberjacks Clothing Shop
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Lumberjacks Clothing Shop

Have you been ladies and gents feeling BURLY these days? Possibly with a steely personality and a good BOOMING laugh? …then we’ve just the sticker pack available – Lumberjack Stickers! 37 of the best, special Lumberjack themed stickers, each in 3 sizes to match many different selfie-booth needs!

wink! photo stands features rented vintage and open-style picture stands for pretty much 8 years, curating elegant prop sets and making special personalized accessories for every single event. Now we’re taking all of our prop understanding which will make selfie-booth design sticker packs, just for you!

With Lumberjack Stickers, you can benefit from the FULL photo booth experience with your friends and family – anywhere you choose to go!

Quick Tips:

– Step one – just take an awesome selfie and give friends!
– start your Lumberjack Stickers sticker pack
– whenever seeing the menu of stickers, 3 sizes of every prop is shown – find the right dimensions for the image
– along with your list little finger, press-and-hold sticker until it ‘lifts’ through the number, after that drag the sticker upwards
– once-over your picture, without raising your list finger, make use of your thumb to resize/rotate as necessary
– Remove both fingers and also the sticker will land right in location, transforming anyone into a jolly Lumberjack!

What’s New in Version 1.1

In this variation, we’ve almost doubled how many stickers – we hope you like the revision!

This application is made for both iPhone and iPad