Lumberjack hair
Image by SnapwireSnaps from Pixabay

Lumberjack hair

Macho’s Lumberjack Growing Oil, stimulates facial hair development, and keeps your skin moisturized, neat and healthy. Oh! Moreover it has actually soothing properties and an awesome fragrance!

The Growing must be used with a soft therapeutic massage into the skin. Rub gently your skin using your beard, which will raise your cutaneous blood flow, helping our formula, and its particular essential nutrients, get into the follicle.

To get ideal results utilize the Growing beard oil daily: after bath, or/and before you go to bed. Did you know that it’s when you are sleeping that your particular body works on its cell regeneration?


  • Coconut Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Rosemary Gas
  • E Vitamin.
  • Macho Formula

How can I utilize this?

  1. Put 4-13 drops of Beard Oil into your palm.
  2. Therapeutic massage up to the beard and epidermis using your chin and cheeks.
  3. After that apply leftovers straight to your mustache and beard.

Daily use: after shower, or/and before you go to sleep make use of at the least every 2 days.

We manage your skin. All our treatments have sebum-regulating ingredients.

Macho Beard Company Guarantees:

  • all natural Ingredients
  • Not tested on pets
  • 0per cent Parabens
  • 0per cent Colorants
  • 0per cent PEG
  • 0percent Silicones

Is the Macho Oil getting solid?

Sebum harden under 23ºC, causing no influence on their advantages. All Macho Beard natural oils are formulated because of the very best essential natural oils, therefore we won’t utilize ingredients nor additives in our treatments.

Congrats! In case your Macho Oil is becoming solid under 23ºC it shows our essential natural oils are premium quality. Your Macho Oil simply needs a little bit of like to turn back liquid! Succeed warm up all over container, put it with your arms, place it close to the fireplace, or utilize a water-bath. It will switch fluid back somewhat.