Lumberjack Events
Image by Ted Erski from Pixabay

Lumberjack Events

A single sawyer using a single-cylinder, single-motor power-saw creates three straight slices — down, up and down — through a 20-inch diameter white pine wood. This one-man competition is strictly against time. Chainsaws might warmed-up before the contest, but needs to be turned off before the competition begins. Neither self starting nor impulse-type push-button starters nor twin engines tend to be allowed. A starter provides countdown and on the sign ‘GO, ‘ rivals begin their particular saws making the 3 slices. The contest comes to an end as soon as the third piece is severed. All slices should be complete. Dave Bolstad of New Zealand keeps the whole world record with a period of 5.55 moments set-in 2007.

Jack & Jill

Jack and Jill bucking competitions contains a guy and woman and are also against time. Beginning cuts of only one-half inch deep, in order to set tooth for the saw, are permitted. Logs should be slashed entirely through. Timing starts regarding signal ‘GO’ and ends up once the block is severed. The timber is 20′ white-pine. The world record for this occasion had been emerge 2005 by Jason and Karmyn Wynyard with a period of 6.17 seconds.

Jill & Jill

The Jill and Jill bucking competition comprises of a two ladies team and is set against time. Starting slices of a maximum of one-half inch-deep, to be able to set tooth of saw, tend to be permitted. Logs must be cut completely through. Timing begins regarding sign ‘GO’ and finishes when the block is severed. The lumber is 20′ white pine. This inaugural event started just last year with a winning period of: 11:59 set by Andrea Furber Card and Denise Ott.

Double Buck

Two sawyers being employed as a group use a two-man bucking saw to cut-through a 20-inch diameter white pine log. Two fold buck group is made from two men. A starting cut arc is permitted. Timing starts for both competitions once the sign to ‘GO’ is named, and ends up if the wood is totally severed. Jason Wynyard and Dion Lane contain the world record with a time of 4.77 moments occur 2005.

Solitary Buck

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A single sawyer makes use of a one-man bucking saw to cut-through a 20-inch diameter white pine sign. Dion Lane set a new world record in 2006 with a period of 10.78 moments.