Lumberjack Dexter
Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

Lumberjack Dexter

WARNING: This article is loaded with spoilers from the series finale of Dexter. Proceed with care…

Being a massive Dexter lover I happened to be tuned into the finale similar to everybody else did last night. However, my response ended up being unique of most people on Twitter. The majority of people on Twitter last night, DISLIKED the ending of Dexter. My preliminary a reaction to the finale moved from tears, to confusion, and then to an epiphany with a smirk on my face. I’m not ashamed to express that I did drop several rips during end of Dexter (no, not whenever Deb died) when Dexter made the thing I expected ended up being their last telephone call to his son Harrison. When the show faded to black for an instant 2nd after Harrison and Hannah walk down into the distance, I sat here puzzled for a minute, only to be surprised whenever we flash into the logging camp. What sort of program finished, with Dexter alone, I was thinking was poetic. Once I let it sink in (and re-watched the final 5 minutes over again) I went along to Twitter to have a feel for other followers’ responses towards the finale. I was quite surprised at simply how much flat-out HATE there was the ending. Because the Twitter feed using hashtag #Dexter flew by, I attempted to count the ratio of hate to like tweets. It absolutely was roughly 25 to at least one. Due to all this hate, I felt the need to deal with the 3 most common Twitter responses to your Dexter ending.

1. “Harrison and Hannah, WTF?”

There is most confusion and anger towards undeniable fact that Dexter “just left” his child with Hannah. Tweets of “deadbeat Dad” and he’s “leaving Harrison with another Serial Killer” ran widespread through Twitterverse. Harrison ended up being remaining with what seems to be capable fingers (recalling Hannah DID risk by herself in potentially getting caught because of the US Marshall merely to take Harrison towards medical center for a non-life harmful damage). The question I pose to the response is: exactly what else could Dexter have done with Harrison? Nothing else really fit, or made feeling on Harrison’s fate.

2. “Eight years and also this could be the closing we get?!?”

This response had been specially funny to learn with lots of men and women claiming to state that we, the audience, was Dexter’s final prey thereupon “horrible ending.” With such the unique, big, and rabid fanbase that Dexter has, i believe the writers’ had been in a no win circumstance. No matter what they finished Dexter’s story, people were likely to whine, a lot.

3. “A freaking Lumberjack?!?”

Instantly following the Finale (i did so view the Twitter feed during both the East and western coast airings associated with final event) probably the most widespread tweet ended up being the fact after eight years of tv, Dexter simply had become a freaking lumberjack. There have been even various significantly funny memes uploaded with Dexter in extraordinary lumberjack equipment. With individuals complaining which he became “just a lumberjack” I can’t help to believe simply wanted an impossible clean ending resulting in Dexter’s demise, or voyage to Argentine (thank Jesus that didn’t take place). There clearly was never on a clean end for Dexter. Ultimately, Dexter is still Dexter. He lost the battle into the Dark Passenger, left their remaining family members behind, and continues (what we think) to live a life of solitude. It’s bit to do with their job as a “lumberjack” and everything regarding their penance. Their life alone is his punishment for everyone he’s got killed, and all sorts of associated with the life he ruined in the act. The beauty of all of it, is that he self imposes this dark fate onto himself, perhaps not law enforcement, and never another adversary serial killer. Dexter elected his own their fate. This was the darkest of endings to a single regarding the darkest (yet lovable) TV anti-heroes ever. The objectives and hopes for a cleanly wrapped up program in a tidy field with a bow onto it just isn’t everything we got. That which we did get, ended up being the dark, discouraging, lonely ending that Dexter deserved. Dexter: The Seventh Season