Lumberjack competition axes reviews Canada BC
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Lumberjack competition axes reviews Canada BC

The 2nd Ideal American Japanese Warrior in Cinema!!!

Author: drunk-2 from Ottawa, Ont, Canada

American Samurai meets into a style of cinema that liked far to brief profitable, that being the underground, fighting techinques death event film. Movies like this enjoyed an excellent increase in the eighties and very early 1990s and perhaps had been the influences for contemporary fighting tournament games eg Street Fighter 2 and stuff like that. Other movies with this category are “Ring of Steel”, “most readily useful of the greatest 2”, “Blood Fist 2” and perhaps among last among these magnificent animals to arise in theater; John Claude VanDam’s “The journey”… unless you count the greater amount of current “Fight Club”, that you shouldn’t as it’s maybe not about underground martial arts guys that fight but just typical guys and that isn’t the primary plot regarding the movie anyway actually. As plain from the subject this film in addition is one of the college of sticking the phrase US facing things IE: American Ninja’s 1 through 4, US Ronin and American Cyborg. this translates to you have got an instant classic in your fingers. Anyhow just what truly helps make the movie shine may be the cast of figures. United states Samurai provides much more strange fighters than just about any other film associated with style that i’ve however seen. If absolutely nothing else it can make a great game. I’ll try to catalogue the range of fighters into the model of a badly translated Nintendo instruction booklet.

– The US Samurai: A warrior of much honor though United states, trained by master Samurai in Mountains of Japan. Master of Sword and peaceful of heart but powerful to win. Registered event to reclaim family sword from evil cousin.

– His Yakuza Samurai Brother: Adoptive bro of American Samurai and son of Master Samurai. Strong fighter but gangster without honor or mercy also.

– The bowie-knife Cowboy: US fighter, fast with blade although rather stupid. Fights in event for much cash awards and honor.

– African Master associated with the Quarter Staff: very little known concerning this fighter. wants to hit poses together with staff tool.

– Pirate Swordsman: A much feared prate through the coast of remote places. Wears attention plot it is still dangerous.

– The Deadly Braid: Much like fighter in “most readily useful of the Best 2” he battles with razor-sharp apply associated with his lengthy braid of tresses. Created in China he possess much fighting character.

– Chinese Axe Spear Guy: 2nd warrior from china and master of martial arts axe spear technique. Fast warrior but utilizes much energy in assaults.