Lumberjack Championships
Image by Franz W. from Pixabay

Lumberjack Championships

Ladies Logrolling

Taylor Biser (right) competes against Shana Martin.

In competition opponents step onto a floating sign, cuff it to start the roll, spin it rapidly within the liquid with regards to feet, stop or snub it all of a sudden by searching in to the sign with unique caulked birling shoes and a reverse movement to go their adversaries off-balance and into the liquid, a feat known as ‘wetting.’ Dislodging an opponent comprises a fall. The cardinal rule of logrolling is ‘never bring your eyes off your opponent’s legs’. The referee starts each match. Contending birlers step off a dock onto a floating wood, grasping pike poles held by attendants for stability. As they push off from dock, the referee instructs the birlers to steady the wood. When he is for certain both birlers have actually equal control, he claims, ‘put your poles.’ The match is on and continues to a fall or to expiration of the time restriction set for each wood. If the time frame is achieved, similar match continues onto the next smaller log. In semi-finals while the finals, the contest is determined because of the most useful three-out of five falls. Guys start 15-inch logs. In 2015, JR Salzman set an innovative new world record of 10 wins.