Lumberjack casserole
Photo by Yulia Ilina from Pexels

Lumberjack casserole

Ever before have one of those mornings for which you can’t determine what to own for break fast? Eggs look good…but then therefore does some sausage…but oh, man, waffles? Yes, please. No – hash browns! Rather than this internal argument (or exterior, based on the way you speak with your self), you will want to have EVERY THING? Seems silly, we all know, the good news is you are able to enjoy good luck parts of breakfast in a single epic casserole. Accordingly named: The Lumberjack casserole. Watch the video clip below to observe how you could make your breakfast the way lumberjacks do…which obviously is amazingly.

I wish i really could consume morning meal for virtually any meal just to have this each day. Brinner, any person?

You begin with a layer of roasted purple potatoes, after that mozzarella cheese, savory breakfast sausage, waffles, plus CHEESE come to the party. Hungry however? We definitely are.

Exactly what do you consider with this epic morning meal casserole? Are you causeing the for the after that brunch?


– Olive oil
– Red peppers
– Scallions
– Garlic
– Salt and pepper
– Red potatoes
– Take Advantage Of
– 2 eggs
– Cheddar cheese
– break fast sausage
– Waffles


1. In a cooking pan over moderate temperature, prepare up pepper, scallions, and garlic with salt and pepper.
2. In another bowl, have your chopped purple potatoes. Put this blend on the potatoes and combine.
3. An additional dish, combine your milk together with your eggs, sodium, and pepper. Whisk.
4. Cover the base of a casserole meal with vegetable oil. Devote your potatoes. Cover with cheese. After that placed on a layer of sausage, followed by a layer of waffles. Include much more cheese.
5. Wrap dish in tin-foil and bake at 350 F. for 40 mins.