Louie Lumberjack
Image by Flore W from Pixabay

Are you aware that Louie the Lumberjack ended up being named in 1988, or that he had been known as following the song “Louie Louie” that has been popularized by The Kingmen in 1963. NAU’s beloved bearded mascot went through numerous adaptations through their history. The lumberjack as a school mascot times from to your very early twentieth century, when NAU had been nonetheless an ordinary school in the 1910s. In 1964, the Arizona State Legislature made the lumberjack the official college mascot (as well blue and silver became the well-known college colors). It absolutely was perhaps not until 1986 that a lumberjack mascot turned up to sports and 1988 that NAU had the official costumed mascot with a full mind. Since that time, Louie moved through a number of variants and representations, but he’s got arrived at portray NAU pupils and athletics.

Timeline: 1964 to Present

  • 1964

    The lumberjack is created the state ASC mascot.

  • 1965

    The bronze lumberjack statue is made and put not in the bookstore.

  • 1968

    Lumberjack theme from 1968.

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  • 1973

    Lumberjack theme from 1973.

  • 1974

    Two huge lumberjack statues are donated by the Lumberjack Cafe to NAU. They truly are placed in Lumberjack Stadium.

  • 1979

    Both huge lumberjack statues tend to be moved to the Skydome.

  • 1981

    The Lumberjack, mascot regarding the now-defunct KCLS radio place, shows up at baseball and soccer games. The interest in the mascot promotes NAU to think about their particular lumberjack mascot.

  • The first appearance of a mascot at NAU games. Anyone playing the lumberjack had to wear 3ft 6in stilts. After, NAU held a contest to mention the newest mascot. The name “Bad Axe” won.


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  • 1987

    NAU presented a contest to style the newest lumberjack theme, but couldn’t like any of this entries. This motif was eventually developed once the brand new “official” lumberjack mascot.

  • 1988

    The Louie the Lumberjack mascot seems for the first time. The outfit are priced at $1, 800 and was known as after the popular song, “Louie, Louie.”

  • 1991

    NAU presents a “leaner, meaner” mascot.

    Tall winds blow your head off the lumberjack statue outside of the Skydome.

  • 1994

    A fresh Louie the Lumberjack mascot is introduced.

  • 2003

    a frustrated Louie logo design, perhaps not connected to NAU, appears on product. President Haeger starts to deal with NAU logos and themes rebranding.

  • Vandals harm the lumberjack statue outside the Skydome. He is repaired in September.


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  • 2005

    NAU creates a brand new Louie the Lumberjack motif to go along with the brand new mascot.

  • 2010

    NAU retired the “mean” Louie mascot and introduced a fresh one, described as “hipster” as some pupils.

  • 2014

    NAU unveils an innovative new Louie the Lumberjack mascot.


Source: library.nau.edu