Life of a Lumberjack
Image by 165106 from Pixabay

Life of a Lumberjack

While much has-been made about Kansas City Chiefs quarterback ’s 2016 season statistics—he taped a career-high 3, 502 yards moving this season—there happens to be some thing perhaps even much more impressive wen’t been having to pay very sufficient attention to.

And that is Smith’s beard game—have you realized that thing?

Move over Jon Snow…fall back, Paul Bunyan.

“The quarterbacks have inked this, ” Smith said through his Claus-esque bristles Tuesday. “It sort of started after the bye week.”

You understand, the bye week that has been 12 weeks ago.

The Chiefs’ beard action also includes people in the coaching staff.

“[Co-offensive coordinators] Matt Nagy and Chilly [Brad Childress] have joined in on this. It’s almost like a huge online game of chicken of who’s going to shave it very first. I don’t believe anyone will blink here while we’re playing. We don’t observe that occurring.”

With the Chiefs obtaining no-cost pass into the NFL divisional round, that means it is possible to go ahead and include at least another a couple of weeks of growth across the board.

But some body needs to shave sooner or later, appropriate?

Usually are not will it be? Can there be successful for this?

“We haven’t established [a prize], ” Smith included. “There’s the pride element, for certain. It simply variety of occurred naturally; it absolutely wasn’t like this just taken place 1 day. Most of us have kind of allow the facial hair visit here and here, but we’ve never overlook it like this.

“So in the event that you glance at most of the men: (Tyler) Bray has actually it going, (Nick) Foles, and then we even got Joel (Stave) to join it despite the fact that he can’t develop a lot, but he attempts.

“We’re having fun with it. It will make for enjoyable conversations in some places. We-all make fun of each and every various other. You better have thick epidermis in the quarterback room. No body is exempt from it. It’s enjoyable.”

Certain, Alex, we’re certain it is “fun, ” but we however to point out the true victims here.

“It’s reached a stage in which I think everybody’s partners and families tend to be tired of it. My wife is not an admirer for this size. She doesn’t mind when it’s smaller, but that is pretty long. It’s even more maintenance—you have to take care of it, and it will look pretty raggedy if you don’t.”