Jack Pine Lumberjack Shows
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Jack Pine Lumberjack Shows

The Rogala Family provides a reality-based YouTube video clip blog site featuring our house operated campground ‘Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping’ in Mackinaw City, Michigan. The Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping Show begins with videos tour of this campground and it is features and amenities. After that watch a video detailing a brief history associated with the campground plus the Rogala family. Extra videos function the maintenance and operation of the campground in addition to family members lifetime of the Rogala’s.

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A playlist of all of the videos developed and published by Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping.

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A list of all videos developed and published by Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping. (Links open YouTube.com in a unique screen.)

A detailed view Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping plus the amazing destinations that have made the Mackinac Area a leading traveler destination. Includes the camp, Mackinaw City, Mackinac Island, Soo Ste Marie, Taquamenon Falls, Fort Michilimackinac, Mill Creek Discovery Park, Whitefish Point, the coast-guard Icebreaker Mackinaw Maritime Museum plus the Garlyn Zoo.

In 1963 a new few took a 10, 000 mile travel with three little young men over the US and Canada to master every thing they might about camping and look for the right place for own campground. This is basically the true story of Richard and Rose Rogala and something of Michigan’s biggest & most popular family possessed and operated campgrounds.

Inside event we follow Chris Rogala as he demonstrates the transplanting of trees at Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping. Frank interviews their bro Chris exactly how the campground saves nearly all their particular huge hardwood trees by transplanting all of them. Chris discusses the danger of the Emerald Ash Borer to Northern Michgan Ash woods. He explains what measures the campground is taking to recover from potential infestation because of the Emerald Ash Borer. The campground requires that campers abide by Michigan legislation by not carrying or bringing firewood in to the campground from outdoors sources. (developed & Directed by Frank Rogala).

The pristine Straits of Mackinac through the shores of Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping (mostly during the early spring) will, from a technique of this light, display a lovely and radiant azure blue. This is an undoctored video clip shot with a classic camera that papers this sensation. This will be most likely as a result of the changing position for the sunlight while the direction through the campground’s shore. Sunny afternoons tend to be your very best window of opportunity for getting this breathtaking sight through the all-natural shores for the campground.

Jolene, Chris and Frank Rogala and various camp staff bust their particular butts attempting to renovate and get The Park Store open for company by Memorial Day 2008. Everyone is stressed but excited. Fulfill lots of the camp staff for the first time and determine all of them in action.

Frank Rogala explains just how he has got started the Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping Folding home Team to help Stanford Univeristy fold proteins with spare computer time – to assist heal Cancer, Alzheimers and Parkinsons. You can join too! TEAM ID 67265. Our team is currently 2251st location out-of 134, 741! Not bad!!! Get campers!!!

Our guests with huge RVs save a huge selection of bucks on gasoline by making their particular campers inside our buck a day closet (year-round) as they benefit from the numerous tourist attractions within the Mackinac area. They can go and through the camp without driving or towing a large RV and huge the camping unit – the greater amount of the savings!

Host Frank Rogala sets off with a 12-foot ladder and a camera on an attractive June afternoon to obtain some fresh sides of this campground and encounters sun, rainfall, a hay trip, the play ground, a rainbow plus!

Host Frank Rogala goes on a tour of one of Mackinaw City’s secret neighborhood specialty late night dining areas. Witness a french toast consuming contest and discover how to locate the area of Lenny’s Bridgeview Diner (available twenty four hours). Located in Michigan’s preferred tourist location Mackinaw City, the bridgeview diner is rowdy, friendly and has great diner meals for morning meal, lunch and supper. The 1950’s atmosphere and BIG personality tend to be care of Lenny Noyes, owner operator and known as “Chief” by all whom enter.

a guided tour of Mackinaw Mill Creek Discovery Park in Mackinaw City, MI and its own zip line, climbing wall surface, and woodland canopy stroll by three kids. Lizzie, Erin, and Nick Rogala give their particular viewpoint on Mackinac State Historic Park’s most recent destination. Video by Frank Rogala. Images by Vince Rogala and Edward Rogala. Songs by Robin Canada.

Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping visits the RV Show in Quartzite. Manning a booth handy aside literary works and tell men and women about our campground/cabin/golf resort in Mackinaw City, MI. Torrential rains struck and close the program for the very first time anybody can remember. We share rewards to champions in our drawing. Hosted by Frank Rogala.

A time capsule walk through of event tent in the 2010 Quartzite RV program. Pause the video if you need a closer appearance whilst the camera moves fairly fast so that it can protect the whole flooring inside the allocated ten minutes. Additionally a quick look at the beads and minerals available by the Quartzite sellers outside the show.

Mackinaw City has the largest Memorial Day parade into the State of Michigan. Featuring marching bands, floats, clowns, the cast for the Pageant at Fort Michilimackinac, traditional vehicles, shriners, and more. Begin to see the Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping classic Trucks and Tractor. Developed by Frank Rogala.

An urgent custom arose from a string of lights tossed on a bush outside an RV nearly twenty years ago. Today campers arriving at Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping over the past a couple of weeks of July are treated with Christmas time lights, bells and goodies supplied by campers who do it just because it is enjoyable.

9&10 Information (WWTV) conducted a poll to their people’ preferred destination to camp for their development segment “MiFavoriteThings.” Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping was selected as one of the best campgrounds in north Michigan and featured during this news segment.

Vince Rogala of Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping is interviewed and talks a little concerning the park and it is history.

Frank Rogala of Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping presents the Mackinaw City Multi-Sport Mix where over 300 professional athletes arrive at operate, swimming and bike through the great north backwoods. Two very special individuals, called “Team Maddy” were friends at Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping and Rick Van Beek physically informs the inspiring tale of just how he came to the realization that his child Madison, born with serious cerebral palsy, adored playing athletic evens.

Local Appeal Video Tours

Neighborhood tourist attractions in and near Mackinaw City, MI. Thanks to MackinawInfo.com.

Movie tour featuring the U.S. Coast Guard’s museum icebreaker ship, ICEBREAKER MACKINAW WAGB-83, known as the “Queen associated with the Great Lakes, ” located in Mackinaw City, MI. See what tends to make this vessel so remarkable and such a very important section of US record.

Videos glimpse of entertaining Jack Pine Lumberjack Show positioned in Mackinaw City, MI. Knowledge abilities associated with lumberjacks like axe throwing, pole climbing, chainsaw carving and more!

Feel the incredible tourist attractions at one of Michigan’s top tourist destinations, Mackinac Island. In which no cars tend to be permitted and ponies and bikes will be the main type of transport.

Take a video tour regarding the Soo Locks located in Sault Ste Marie, MI and understand how the 1000-foot sea freighters are lowered and raised when you look at the hair to navigate between Lake better and Lake Huron.



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