Im a Lumberjack
Image by Michael Schwarzenberger from Pixabay

Im a Lumberjack

Over in the Daley Gator, writer pal Doug Hagin had an article (appropriately) criticizing Bill Nye, the engineer which pretends become a science guy; nevertheless thing that jumped away at me was this photo.

I commented: With regards to Lumberjack man above – view those soft white arms! This gomer has never already been near an axe or chainsaw inside the life. The “outdoor” setting is probably at side of the parking lot the photography studio.

We see many this type around now; flannel and neck-beards have actually instantly recognition among Millennial townies. What is going to it be next – camouflage and Confederate flags?

Hey, everyone has the right to put on whatever they like. I have a tendency towards shoes and my big gus-crown cowboy hats, even when bumming around city. Now we was raised in a rural setting, but run numerous a chainsaw and axe during my life – however do, every so often.

But we can’t assist searching down my nostrils slightly at douchebaggery like this exhibited because of the man illustrated at top. Wearing flannel and a neckbeard doesn’t prompt you to manly.