Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show Tickets
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show Tickets

420 Spruce Mill Way
Ketchikan, AK 99901

(907) 225-6019

If you should be thinking about missing this given that it’s “touristy”, then you might want to reconsider the notion of a cruise entirely. We had been searching for that unusual excursion that has been inexpensive for a family group of six, and this fit the bill. We liked it a great deal, that we did it once more a few years later on! The lumberjacks are not stars, nonetheless they put-on an entertaining show, filled with laughter, intrigue, competition, and great ability. It is very interactive. I liked the four lumberjacks stick around for anyone who wants to have their particular photo taken. The gift shop normally fairly costs, and is one spot where we let the children each select a souvenir.

ideal for kids… usually yeah i wouldnt go… When you have seen lumberjacks on TV or in the wild, well you have seen this program. It’s fun when it comes to little ones, or those who find themselves not at all acquainted the logging business. In general however, maybe not the best of things, but far better than wandering around stupid store after stupid shop. It can be entertaining and my daughter had been standing up cheering and loving every second from it. My mother and I also were moving our eyes at each and every various other right here n truth be told there, but taking in the entertainment. What exactly is good usually it really is walking length from the in which the luxury cruise ships dock, even the one I was on while slightly additional north ended up being about a half mile or mile away. kinda enjoyable to cruise around city while considering what’s indeed there on your way to and through the show. Nevertheless, make sure to give it a look when you have a young child because it’s the very best kid style of activity in Ketchikan for cruisers.

It’s kinda what you should be prepared to see at Disney, it really is cheesy but still entertaining. It really is perfect for kids but We however believed it was enjoyable for adults. It absolutely was pretty cool viewing all the different lumberjack activities. Additionally, they divide the audience into staff Canada and team United States Of America and they hand out signatures out to those that take advantage noise or jump round the many.