Famous Lumberjacks
Photo by Ali Kazal from Pexels

Famous Lumberjacks

Lumberjack Shows

Lumberjack Enterprises produces top quality family members entertainment for fairs, festivals, schools, and corporations for the whole United States.

Jamie Fischer is the grandson of Harold Fischer, the famous lumberjack whom performed at the beginning Lumberjack times in 1934 and for several years after. This business do a fantastic task!

Shows are usually 30 minutes in total. This keeps the crowds finding its way back time and again. If you’re interested in family friendly activity, never miss all of them!

2016 Plan:

Friday 7/15

3:00PM Lumberjack Show

3:30PM Lumberjack Camp (all are thank you for visiting engage!)

6:00PM Lumberjack Show

7:30PM Lumberjack Show

Chainsaw Carving each day

Saturday 7/16

12:00PM Lumberjack Show

12:30PM Lumberjack Camp (each one is thank you for visiting participate!)

3:00PM: The Pirate versus. The Politician wood Run (view as Shawn Smalley of Smalley’s Caribbean BBQ increases against Stillwater Mayor Ted Kozlowski in a battle of this Lumberjacks)

3:15PM Lumberjack Show

4:30PM Lumberjack Show

7:00PM Lumberjack Show

Sunday 7/17

11:00AM Lumberjack Show

11:30AM Lumberjack Camp (each is welcome to take part!)

3:30PM Show

4:30 Stock Saw Competition (general public can register throughout the event and try their particular hand at it on Sunday!)


Source: lumberjackdays.com